[Recruitment] DolphinRO LF - Advertiser, Graphic Designer, Scripter, Discord Manager

Started by dolphincute, Jul 27, 2022, 03:10 PM

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DolphinRO have been around almost 2 years, took 1 year for development since it was made by me alone and shifting between work and sever development, right now i need some skilled people to join in and help DolphinRO to grow.

i know no one would want to do job for free and i cant offer cash for your work reward, that is the reason i put this recruitment under free service recruitment.
DolphinRO is a low rate server, for more in depth details can be refer to here : https://dolphin-ro.com/.wiki./doku.php?id=rates

here are some few position i would like to offer:

1. Advertiser - The job title say it all, help promote the server.
2. Graphic Designer - As long you can draw or make some decent / pro design that would be great enough, mostly are needed for banner design or etc.
3. Scripter - With tons of idea i cant done most of the script since i am not a scripter myself, i could make a simple script, but not those which is kinda complicated.
4. Discord Manager - Just help me manage the discord server

Now for compensate for all the hard work that have been done i could only offer in game item, which is agreed by both side, me and you, you may set the terms and if we came across with agreement then that will good enough.

If your interested to join me and manage DolphinRO kindly leave me a massage here or just join my server discord and pm me personally.

Thank You RMS.