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Started by Illapse, Jul 31, 2011, 10:35 AM

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RareRO is a HR server (10k/10k/1.5%, 255/120, 3rd jobs) which is currently in the process of expanding;  with a pending new makeover and upcoming storylines, we are looking for friendly & professional staff who are willing to settle in among the community and be a friend to our players; but also be willing to support, make events & bring new ideas to the table which will further expand RareRO!

You are more than welcome to read our player reviews here

We are currently hiring:

  • 2 Event GMs
  • 2 Support GMs
  • 1 Scripter
  • 1 Forum Moderator

Depending on the position you pick, you will have a set of rules which must be followed at all times.  We expect our staff to have a sense of professionalism, this is a must at RareRO.  GMs are fully monitored on our server to ensure corruption isn't happening - GMs can not trade/drop items or anything of the sort.

Please PM your resume or email it to [email protected]

Thank you for your time.


Name: Siege
Surname: V.D Bozeringen
Country: UK/Netherlands,London.
E-Mail: [email protected] 
Ragnarok Experience: Have 5years experience of playing RO.
GM Experience: Was GM on FreakyRO,TezRO,AtroceRO,
Game Masters Name: [GM]Siege
Availability:7-13hours a day. Sometimes more.
Language Support: Dutch,English,Arabic,German(Deutsch),French.
What Postion you want to be: All-around-GM,SupportGM,EventGM,PoliceGM.One of those.
Hobbies: Gaming,Football,basketball
Why do you want to be a GM: I want to share my experience in playing here in this server, supporting people in games is what i do and like.
Most Experience on position: EventGM,SupportGM,PoliceGM.


Name: ElnZO
Age: 19
Special Skills:
Scripter/Web Development/Hexing Client/Thor Patcher Skinning and Coding


Check my resume below (At my signature).


Here is my application

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