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Author Topic: OathRO - General Recruitment  (Read 898 times)

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OathRO - General Recruitment
« on: Nov 23, 2021, 06:29 pm »

Thank you for taking a look at this post and its contents. OathRO is a 1/1/1 server looking to provide a valuable experience to players who want to play RO in its classic state, while enjoying quality of life changes and other small improvements that make the game feel fresh here in 2021.

We are currently looking for experienced individuals to join our staff in these roles:
  • Community Moderator (Bilingual - EN/Portuguese)
  • Community Moderator / Rule Moderator
  • WoE Game Master
  • Event Game Master / Outreach

OathRO is fast growing and opened its doors only two months ago. Already, we have 500 consistent members on Discord and over 100 people online. If you are interested in one of these roles, please read on to learn more about them. Generally, CMs and GMs are allowed to play the game along with being in their voluntary roles. However, there are certain positions that will require abstaining from joining a guild. Logs and back-end monitoring is regularly performed to maintain the server's integrity.

Community Moderator (Bilingual - EN/Portuguese)
  • Oversees the needs of the Brazilian population and acts as a liaison for our Portuguese-speaking players
  • Assists our community lead with rule enforcement and explaining rules to players who speak Portuguese
  • Provides occasional troubleshooting and technical support to players, especially those who speak only Portuguese
  • Provides in-game monitoring, enforcing rules, and responding to in-game support requests

Community Moderator (General)
  • Assists our community lead with rule enforcement and explaining rules to all players
  • Provides occasional troubleshooting and technical support to players
  • Provides in-game monitoring, enforcing rules, and responding to in-game support requests
  • Suggests new ways to better engage the community and create a welcoming environment for players

WoE Game Master
  • Oversees the general function of WoE and its participants
  • Identifies and settles any guild disputes that arise or complaints made by players, or collaborates with Server Owner to create new policy regarding WoE
  • Facilitates the WoE committee discussions that include guild leaders and representatives to identify guild needs and suggestions
  • Creates proposals of requested seasonal changes to Server Owner based on the committee discussions to improve the overall sustainability and balance of WoE
  • NOTE: The WoE Game Master cannot participate in any guild-related activities in-game or WoE, the GM is expected to voluntarily abstain from playing in any WoE-participating guild

Event Game Master
  • Acts as a spokesperson and general community presence in-game and on Discord
  • Creates new events and facilitates the scheduling and execution of said events with assistance from the Server Owner
  • Proposes new scripts or other creative ideas that can be used as a basis for facilitating new events unique to the server
  • While scripting is not necessary, providing quest text or ideas relating to seasonal events and assisting with their implementation is highly preferable

I encourage anyone who feels they are qualified and interested to contact me on Discord at Maginitis#3357

Note that past experience in similar roles as well as your availability may provide you with additional preference in the candidate review process. These positions are open until filled.