[Recruitment] PlatinumRO WEB PAGE DEV. (updated 9/16/11)

Started by PlatinumRO, Jun 18, 2011, 05:53 PM

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Hello, I'm looking for a web page dev / flux integration.

I have a page already made, I just need it coded.
PlatinumRO.net!  A brand new 30x, 50x, 50x server!

[GM] Fuyu

[GM] Resume

Full Name : Aiko Miller

Contact Information : [email protected]

Desired Position : Event/Support [GM]

Languages Spoken : Japanese/English/Tagalog/MandarinChinese/French

Nationality : Japanese/Filipino/American/Irish

Age : 18

Birth Date : December 16, 1992

Location: USA, Illinois (UTC -6 Central Time US. Canada)

Experiences: I been a GM once but the server closed due
to some issues.
    In being a GM : 1 year
    In being a Player: 8 years <--(including iRO)

Availability : 4-8 hours everyday.

References (In eA and in RMS) : [GM] Fuyu

To ask more question PLEASE ADD ME ON MSN OR YAHOO:
[email protected]


Removed by Tove.


Name : Tove
Contact Information : [email protected]

For your server in particular, I wont be great at advanced scripting. I can do small quests and such,
and learn to do more advanced as I go along. I love scripting, but it takes a bit of time.
I would love to do your advertising. I could argue my way into anyone's heart  Hehe.
Pleaseee! No, I'm not begging, I'm just being sincere. I want a chance to help a server flourish.

Languages Spoken : English Only
Nationality : American
Age : 22
Birth Date : September 15th, 1988

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Availability : 3-5 Hours,
variant depending on the day and outside-sever issues

About Me

I've been playing RO for many years.
I quit for awhile, you know how that goes. So I'm going to be frank: I don't know everything about the renewal,
But I am a very fast learner. I am knowledgeable with basic scripting, and I am an excellent website designer.
I am good with graphics and beginner-intermediate coding. I am able to update websites and work my way around html
without help. Unfortunately, I have no examples. It's been awhile since I've done this, quite honestly. Need proof?
We can work it out. I am a great peoples-person. I'd be great on your emerging server, where people are fun to meet!

Yeah, that's pretty generic. Just let me know!


Full Name : John Aldrin Guilas

Contact Information : [email protected]

Desired Position : Event/Support GM

Languages Spoken : Tagalog/English

Nationality : Filipino

Age : 22

Birth Date : February 9, 1989

Location: Manila Philippines

Experiences: I don't really have an experience as of a GM but on the servers i have played I really helped them out on things that i could for them to trust me ^_^

Availability : 5hrs above


I know that I don't even have any experienced as a GM but I know every GM rules and do's and don'ts I can be a big help as well as on designs like loading screen or any promotional that needed some art in it ^_^


Bump due to update.

We're now hiring 2 staff members.
PlatinumRO.net!  A brand new 30x, 50x, 50x server!


PlatinumRO.net!  A brand new 30x, 50x, 50x server!


PlatinumRO.net!  A brand new 30x, 50x, 50x server!


PlatinumRO.net!  A brand new 30x, 50x, 50x server!


Plenty, but I doubt they work for free (I certainly don't) =P