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NeuRO in need of Support Staff!

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NeuRO is a growing server with a 378 player peak and 200+ constantly on.


We have a professional GM team and are looking for more professional staff to add to our arsenal.
Unfortunately, most of us will be busy with the school year coming up and all, so we need people who can be on during the day on weekdays. International with fluent English would be perfect.

Post your own application, we'd like to see what you come up with, not a spoonfed application, so be creative. We don't need event or anything else just Support. Post the application in this forum.

List of Servers You Have Worked For:
           -DernajRO,Chief GM
           -RamenRO, SupportGM
           -UpRO, Police GM
           -ShadowlightRO, CommunityGM.
           -Several other servers but part time. (Long time ago can't remember the name :/)

Reasons For Leaving Past Servers:
           -Server being closed
Real Name:



Language(s) you speak:
           -English,Filipino,French(Still studying) :)

           - 6-10 hours a day.

Skills you can offer
           -Teamwork and communication skills
           -Completion of work in a timely manner
           -Contribution of ideas and constructive criticism

My Ragnarok Experiences:
           -6 years Ragnarok online experience
           -Played variety low, medium, and high rate servers
           -iRO experience

What I will do if I become one of the Staff:
           -Become an active member of the server and forums
           -Contribute ideas to the server
           -Follow directions and work within deadlines

What I want to achieve if I become one of the Staff:
           -To achieve a greater knowledge in RO..
           -To be a productive member of the community
           -To gain respect from fellow staff and peers

Contact me here:

[email protected]

[email protected]

About me :D
Hello, my name is Adam Parr, I'm 18 year's old and i live in Sunny ol' England,
I've been playing Ragnarok since around 2004-2005, and had plenty of experience.
I first started playing Low rate and mid rate servers, until i discovered a taste for Super high rates,
but then would usually go back to playing a low rate after a while,

My past experiences?
I've was a GM/Forum Mod at DivinationRO for around 7 months, Admin at AnimeRO however it was recently closed
until further notice (due to an attack)  and Head GM at BlitzRO for 2 years (now a deceased server)
and finally owner of my own servers, including Dynasty RO which is a super high rate server,

Why do i want to join your team?
One thing i've never been a GM on is a server with low rates,
and i'm hoping to get that experience, with a server likes your own

What qualities i posses?
I'm a Calm & Friendly person 9 times out of 10, unless really pushed to the limit,
when dealing with any form of abuse, i do so firmly, and as needed.
I've got a lot of knowledge of RO and technical issues common in RO.

How to contact me?
either via [email protected] (email or msn)
or via my forum, www.dynastyro.co.nr/forum/ user - Akunja

Keep in mind I would like to see something unique in your application, something every applicant has done. Not a cookie-cutter application.

We already stated we do not need Event GMs, please do not post it, it will be ignored.
Events is not something unique as like scripting / designing. Please keep in mind. Thanks.


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