Midgard Athena Project is hiring

Started by Lone Angel, Oct 29, 2011, 04:14 PM

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Lone Angel

Midgard Athena Project. This project is based off both eAthena and 3ceam trunks. It has the renewal and well as new mounts. (Screen shots below)

This trunk also has a variety of custom items, mobs, maps. If you would like to test one please pm me. Also, I will add the trunk onto the downloads as soon as they are done testing.


If you would like to help develop please pm me or the admin on midgard athena board. He would love for anyone who would like to join the team.

We are looking for staff:

Admin: [2/4]
CP/Client Dev: [0/*]
Developer: [0/*]
Trunk Modder: [0/*]
Graphic Mod: [0/*]
Global Mod: [0/*]
Forum Mod: [0/*]
Mapper/s: [0/*]
You must have basic knowledge for the job you are applying for.

Each staff members get a copy of the trunk we are working on, we will release the trunk october 31st to all members. If you would like to join our project please visit the website.



Lone Angel

Yes we are still hiring for those positions up there. If you would like to join the staff please pm me on here or register and pm midgard on our forums.


I sent you a message on your forums.