NeuRO in need of Support Staff!

Started by Laevateinnxx, Aug 21, 2011, 07:47 PM

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@Yusifer: CST

@HellSpawn: Re-post please as Duckie said, with a more unique application. Read the original post if you need more info.

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Quote from: Yusifer on Aug 30, 2011, 11:52 PM
The original post asks for online time during the day, but the "day" of what timezone?

Honestly, we're looking for pretty much all timezones. As it stands, most of us are available in the evening of CST and EST timezones. So daytime for us, or overnight would also be helpful. Honestly just having more people is what we need!

Secret Duckie

I'd like to add that Laevateinn needs to update the first post. We now have a peak of 481, and have a constant of around 410+.



Quote from: Secret Duckie on Sep 02, 2011, 10:41 PM
I'd like to add that Laevateinn needs to update the first post. We now have a peak of 481, and have a constant of around 410+.
Quote from: Neu-ROOnline Peak: 520 Players (9/4/11)
Lol the server peak gets higher almost every week doesn't it.

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Hahaha yeah. Every couple days we get a higher and higher peak. It's amazing how quickly the server is growing! Today we peaked at 541!

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We aren't hiring for event GM's, bnonymous. Did you read the first post? O:

Chemical Crush

Quote from: Secret Duckie on Sep 09, 2011, 12:21 PM
We aren't hiring for event GM's, bnonymous. Did you read the first post? O:

Most people dont read the first post, they just copy and paste a resume, sadly . Lets you weed out who cares and who doesn't ;D


Name: I tend to go by Pyro. Once I get to know you personally I am not adverse to giving out my real info.

Position Applying for: Support GM

Age: 24 (A little old~ ;-;)

Location: East Coast U.S.A

Previous experience: Er. . . I worked with a couple of teams but the servers never got put up. So honestly, I don't really have any.

Availability: Well, I am online too much. I can be online whenever you need me on a pretty much all day basis. I would say 40+ hours a week including weekends~

About me?: I have no idea if you are looking for any information like this but here goes. I am laid back and friendly, I am usually pretty hyperactive and happy kinda person. I have been playing a low rate server for the last 6 years and would like to think I have decent knowledge of how things are done. I am dedicated and LOYAL, something you don't see to often now a days. I have some experience in graphic design as well. If you would like a link to my work I have a horribly outdated deviantart but I have uploaded tons of newer stuffs. What can I say, I am totally a people person~

How to contact me: Just shoot me a PM here on this forum and I will reply and give my msn if its needed. I have skype, aim, and yahoo. I usually keep all of them up at one time. >_> I am not a fan of trillian. <3~


Name: Frost

Position Applying: Support GM or Event(If Available)

Currently residing:
United States of AMERICA

Time Zone: Pacific Standard

Age: 18

Bringing to the Table: Mostly bacon, some ham, and Cake.

What I can do:
I'm a bit of a Jack of all trades, but I prefer to be a support and answer questions, play nice with players. Get to know them and stuff. I usually play nice with the staff unless they have a Pole shoved up their butts, Those are usually the ones I try to avoid since their life is bleak and serious, something that is quite useful in the business industry, but not on a game server. Then again you can argue the RO server is like a Business industry, but then I would question why you would waste your time on such Low Long term net profits when you could go for other things that benefit you much more money-wise.
Anyways back on track, I study a bit of everything throughout my time here at RO, My dream was to run my ideal server, but as you can see it's much more difficult assembling a group of people who share the same ideals and are willing to work for free. My main field of Expertise is mapping, but I suppose anyone with browedit these days can claim they are a mapper. But my works tend to Break the boundaries set by gravity's pre-determined models if you know what I mean. If you don't feel free to ask, I'm willing to drop more clues and hints as to the answer to my riddle.

My personality is Always professional, if you want vouchers I can get some, but what you read here is the real me. I don't put on a Mask of Professionalism to fake my way into a team and then go berserk. The Humor, the honesty, the proper spelling and grammatically correct sentences are all the one-deal package. Though I may start to Lose the Grammar and spelling part when I stay up late.
But other than that, I'm pretty tolerate against players. I have met the Lowest form of life in the bottom of the cesspool of the community and I've taken care of them in the most professional manner possible.

Why Should you hire me?:

-Shrug- idk, Hire me, don't hire me, I'm just doing this because I love player interaction and I feel this is another way to kill time. True there are many other contenders here, but let facts speak for themselves, I can be more useful then just a simple Support GM to you. I feel to classify one self as a GM, they must have specific knowledge and attributes to contribute to the server other than typing words and opinion. After all, The title of Game-Master doesn't mean your simply the master of the game because you can type words. My words may seem one-sided and Blunt, but when it comes down to it, the real useful Game masters are the ones you go to when problem Arises and you need help to fix it.


I've Worked for A LOT of servers, some that never stayed long enough to make a name for themselves, while others already made a name for themselves while I came along for the ride. I've seen server Fall, I've seen Server rise, I've seen stupidity at it's pinnacle when a Admin is corrupted by greedy, and I've seen brilliance at it's greatest when an admin developes a new system for RO. Reading this may make it seem like I'm an old man, but I've just been fascinated by RO for so long at a very young age.

Well I don't know what else I can include, usually applying for a support position doesn't require much proof besides honesty, and evidence showing you are professionally fluent in English. I can provide images of my works, but then again I'm just applying for a Support position, so i don't think that may help. My reason for applying? Isn't it Obvious or shall I expose the little shame everyone here is also trying to "hide"? Most application reasons are because your server is growing and people are attracted to that. More players = more people to worship your divine power as you step onto the city pavement in your Jesus white robes (trumpet play), hence Event GM applications and other position that aren't even requested in the first place. My reason? Yeah, one of the reasons is that I enjoy some social interaction when killing time and your server has the amount of people needed. 
Also, what better proof do you need than this wall of text right here? I've pretty much kept you busy all this time without me having to talk to you one on one and your still here to read to the end! See how awesome I am? Yeah pick me!
But yeah if your interested in me Call me at 702-555-HAWT (girls only).
Also if your interested in hiring me for your server you can contact me Below

Contact: [email protected]
Oh look! Something to occupy myself while I leave you alone to your own stupidity!


Name: Akira. (Not my real name but it will be disclosed once i am familiar with you)

Age: 18 (2011)
Location: Asia
Timezone: GMT+ 8

Any experience?: To be honest, no.

Languages Spoken: Pretty understandable English

About Me:

I am mature and I hardly let things get to me. I am good at giving advice and at the same time building a wall between me and the person I am conversing to, to ensure that nothing personal will occur. I do not mix work with play. There is a time when I have to be serious and a time to joke around , that much I am sure of.

I hate favoritism, that speaks for itself.

I easily adapt to changes and also, if given the opportunity, I am very quick to take up skills. I do not jump headfirst to any kind of situation but instead I will analyse it thoroughly before proceeding with what I think is best for that current situation.
Other than that, I easily interact with players and do not mind huge amounts of questions being bombarded at me. If I can answer it, I will, if I can't, I'll apologize and would probably try my hardest to find the answer for them. I am not a pushover either. I handle my emotions well so I do not usually rage or anything like that. If I ever did, it would be out of RO.

Also, I am a very, very secretive person and detests sharing any form of secrets. Unless if it involves the welfare of the entire server.
And I am immune to corruption. I scoff at it.
I also enjoy the company of people, which I suspect GMs have abundance of. I am easy to talk to and can restrain myself when speaking. Speak only what have to be spoken, not what is wanted to be heard.
I am pretty acceptable to many different things which will result in many conversation starters with me. Though of course, I will make it firm if they cross the line.

Oh and I draw (lols).

Why you should Hire me?
To be honest, I am pretty sure there are others who are exactly like me. Mature, professional and level headed. But there are times when people just, snap or give in to temptations. Yes I am human, I do snap and give in to temptations, but all these will be done out of RO. No matter how 'close' whichever player is to me, I would not share any kind of secrets or feelings that would be used against me. I have seen so many GMs in my playing experience who would do that and in the end fall thanks to that. I am also friendly and active, so there is ready branch for the players to reach to when needed.

Evening to Early Morning - During School Periods
Early Morning to Late Night - School Holidays.

Reason as to why I am applying?

No. Not the fame. I could care less for the fame really.
I naturally enjoy giving a peace of mind to people. Be it a question answered or helping someone, it gives me that sliver of joy every time. I have tried many things. Being a Guild leader only reaches out to those who are in my guild, which is limited. And each and passing day, I have heard many questions left unanswered due to unavailable GMs, leaving the players lost. If I try to offer a hand, they roughly smack my hand away thanks to me being 'insignificant'.
So with being a Support GM, I could reach out to a number of people. I could be that 'available outlet' for the players to throw questions at and to rage at even *I am hardly affected by rage, i find it quite amusing really*. 

Contact: PMing here would suffice, I check this forum daily for new updates.


Just out of curiosity, would you be willing to hire a duo?


I hope i can apply as support staff  ::). Just check my application below  :-*


•Age: 21
•RO experience: Active PVP/WOE/MVP ++
•Languages: English / Tagalog
•How long you've played: 5 Years ++
•How long you can be on for: 2 hours ++
•Previous GM positions with server names: None just Helper @ MyRO
•Timezone: GMT+8
•About yourself: humble,active ingame support
•Why you want to be a GM: i want to experience being a gm, ever since i played RO, never been GM once, i want to be a good active gm :)