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Started by Neiru, Apr 29, 2011, 10:47 PM

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» Neiru

» Available

Contact Information
» MSN: [email protected] (Add Me / Email Me)
» Send me a private message if you want to discuss private matters.
» Reply here if you're publicly desiring to discuss matters with me.

Positions Desired
» Developer (No time for this :c)
» Head GM / Chief of Staff
» Forum Moderator (I would actually want a Global Moderator Position~ if I'm fit for it.)*
» Event GM
» Support GM*
» Police / Rule Enforcer*
» Recruiter (I don't really need a recruiter position since I do my "Recruiter" job when I am in any position in the game.)*
» GFX Designer*
* - are minor jobs I am taking. they are usually included (like a bonus pack? lol) when I am in the position above without an asterisk.

Server Target
» As much as possible, I want a server with a very active forums, decent population.

Rates of Interest
» Rates: Not less than 100x but not more than 10000x
» Base: Not less than 120 but not more than 255.
» Cards: Normal Cards not less than 1% but not more than 5%. (Non sequitur)
» Cards: Boss Card not less than 0.10% but not more than 1%. (Non sequitur)


» Client-Side
- Hexing & Diffing

- Xray / RagRE
- Addition of Custom Items & Palettes
- Updating Customs / Mobs
- Solving Possible Gravity Errors
- ...and some other stuff.

» Server-Side
- Basic Set-up and Server Modifications
- Server Administration
- Developing
- Recruitment
- Basic Scripting and Code Modification

» Others
- Minor Graphics Creation (Photoshop)
- Basic HTML, PHP and CSS Knowledge
- Basic C++ Coding Knowledge
- Forum Board Set-up

- 4 ~ 10 Hours Every Day (Inclusive of School ;3;)

Basic Information
» I am 18 years of age.
» I'm "technically" a male, but acts too much female. :[] [In short, gay-ish.]
» I have been playing RO since 2004.
» I am actually an "all-arounder" type of Staff. I actually do most of the things for the server.
» Though I may love computer-related stuff, I have no plans to pursue a proper computer-related studies, though from time-to-time, I read computer-related materials using books, and the internet.
» I work depending on my mood and motivation. However, rest assured that I do my job very much seriously and whole-heartedly.

Nationality and Language
» Filipino
» Speaking Fluent Tagalog and English (Fluent in American English, Almost-Fluent in British English)
» Currently Taking up Language Studies in Spanish and Japanese. (Well, I am busy with my Literary Field so attending these classes are not in my schedule at the moment.)

» College Undergraduate
» Currently Taking up AB Literature degree

Hobbies & Interests
» Playing Games
» Writing Articles, Blogs, Poetry and Stories.
» Watching Anime and other TV Series
» Tweeting about the stuff in my environment.
» Riding the LRT Line 2 (I read, I write, I study here. It's like my "second home.")

Brief Personal Profile
» I assure myself that I am a trustworthy person, and deemed hardworking enough to fill up the staff position in your server. I know I can do my best in any works that I will be assigned to. I respect my colleagues and those people I work with. I am friendly, though not really that socially flexible. However, I can easily fit "right" in the situation I am in, so I think there will be no worries about it. So, I hope if ever I'll be in your staff, you have seen truly enough that I fit in your server and you know my capabilities and how I expand it into opportunities.

Sample GFX Portfolio

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Thank You and Good Day.


May 1, 2011 - Changed Status from Available to Unavailable
June 3, 2011 - Changed Status from Unavailable to Available

Posted on: May 03, 2011, 08:48 pm
Resume Updated.


Great! please add me


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Neiru work for me :P

Pm me if your interested .



If you do end up having time for a Developer position then please send me a PM however I'd love to have you do some GFX for our server if you interested. Either way let me know please.