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LuminaRO is recruiting for GMs and developers!


LuminaRO is currently looking for approximately 3-5 new support GM's with the possibility of training for event GM, as well as a scripter or developer to join our growing team.

We are specifically looking for people with the following qualities.

* Mature
* Experienced
* Active
* Knowledgeable
To apply you meet the following criteria

* Must be at least 17 years old
* Have experience on at least one other server
* Work well within a team
* Speak good English
Server Information


Rates: 50x/50x/30x
Level cap: 99 Base/70 Job

To apply please fill in the following application and email it to [email protected]

(click to show/hide)General Information
Contact Information:

Job Information
1. Please list a rough and more importantly, realistic list of times you think you'd be available? We don't expect everyone to be available for 12 hours a day so an accurate representation will help. Please note the server time is GMT-3 so either work it to that or state the timezome you are in.

2. Please list other servers you have worked on, if any, with your name that you worked under, the server name and a list of your responsibilities on that server. If possible, list information regarding contacting the server you worked on.

3. Have you ever been punished on another RO server, or their forums? If so, why? THIS QUESTION WILL NOT AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFY YOUR FROM STAFF, ANSWER HONESTLY!

4. How long have you played RO for? Please list any breaks from the game also.

5. How many Languages do you speak, read and write fluently? English is a MUST.

6. What ideas can you offer to the server, if any?

7. Why have you applied for a GM position and what do you expect in return from GMing on Lumina?

8. Do you have any real life experiencing working within a customer services department? If so, please detail what this is and length of work for this department?

9. With as much detail as possible, please describe your character (personality. and how you are generally on a personal basis)

10. Have you had any contact any with the GMs/moderators of Lumina? If so, please explain what contact it was and how you felt that contact went? I.e. Did you approve of what happened? Were you unhappy with the resolution?

11. Do you have an opinion on the GMs in general? In a brief outline, please tell us your perception of GMs and the job that they do.

1. Please list three ways you would recognize or test for a bot.

2. You have reason to suspect another staff member is breaking the rules, what do you do?

3. You are unable to complete a task you have been assigned. What do you do?

4. A player is asking you to alter the punishment set by another staff member. What do you do?

5. Is it appropriate for a staff member to have a legit. Is it appropriate for some levels and not others.

6. You call your friends to play the server, but somehow they start cheating. What do you do?

Reaction test
Please respond to each of the following exactly as you would in game. Use italics to describe and actions you take.

1. [Dribbler] Main; Selling Slotted Zeny knife, 25 million OBO

2. You see a player in PvP using Sonic Blow twice per second.

3. [Dribbler] Main: f*** you Byron, You're a little b****!

4. A hunter in bibilian warps every time anyone gets into sight range and logs off when you PM them.
If you have questions, feel free to PM them too me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

Bump, we're still looking for new event and support staff.

We are not looking for any more European GMs, please do not apply if you are from these parts unless you can be available during the early hours.

Name: Francis Armani Manzana (Arman)
Age: 17
Location: California (United States Of America)
Contact Information: [email protected] (email)
Education: Has finished 2 years of Computers and Technology

My time is flexible on weekends. I am always online in the morning California time, under circumstances.

I have no history of being a staff in any RO servers, but I am good with scripts and other technical stuff.

I have not been ban, so far, on any RO servers

I have played RO for 4 years now. I have had no long term breaks from playing.

For now I speak 3 languages. Tagalog, Spanish, and of course English

I have a lot planned out. Most of them are events. The others are making of custom maps and so on.

Ive applied for this job so I could put my talents to use. I don't plan in getting anything in reward. I just want to help and make people happy through games. and I believe that I could make your server an active one.

I don't have a job yet. I'm too young, but I do volunteer in community work.

I am kind. I love doing work that helps people. I'm approachable. I'm smart and also a fast learner

I have not encountered any GMs in Lumina

I think a GM's job is to help players not to dominate over them. To make things better. To fix any problems. To promote the server.


First: ask the player a question. If the answer was totally out of the question or if he or she did not answer my guess is that the player is a bot.
Second: ask them to stop and sit. Bots cant stop and sit unless they are being controlled by a human.
Third: ask the person to enter a chartroom. Bots cannot enter chatroom no matter what the circumstances are.

If I suspect that one of my fellow staff is violating the rule I would first investigate before I go straight on and tell. You cannot win a hearing if u do not have evidence

I would tell the truth and will try to make it up by doing the work plus extra

I first ask what he or she did wrong. After that I would ask the staff what the player did. If the story does not match I would do further investigation until I know which story is true.

To be honest I don't understand question 5

I would deliver the necessary punishment because I am in charge of making the game fair. It is my duty as GM to remain true to the rules. I wouldn't be a good GM if I just let them get away with it.

Reaction Test

I would quickly tell him to stop and investigate for further analysis of his current status in the game.

I ask him to stop for a while and ask him how he did a double sonic blow. If his story is not valid or is sketchy I would automatically ban him for hacking.

I would ask him to stop and if he still continue I will automatically ban him for a certain period.

I would automatically ban that character. Thought in mind " why would someone run away if they are not doing anything wrong"

I hope I could be part of Lumina and if not, well, I still wish your server the best :)

By the way I love making maps. I'm an experienced map maker in almost any game. :)


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