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Author Topic: Looking for someone who has dev experience who is interested in new server  (Read 919 times)

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Offline Artem

Sorry if this is the wrong section but I'd really like to get exposure to this message. I am looking to potentially start a private server and would like to talk to someone who has experience with that. I would say that my vision is good and achievable. Most of my experience with MMOs is being a guild leader. I know how to lead and put forward a good vision. I have a computer science degree so the dev side of things isn't alien to me. I would like to find someone to help me with development to make the best low rate RO private server currently active, which is accessible to many different play styles and personalities. Please send me a DM with your discord username and we can connect and discuss further.


Offline yC

Assuming this isn't a paid position (otherwise I'll need more details on the job description) I will move this to the recruitment section.

You might find it helpful to learn from rAthena and Hercules when running your own server: