LF Support GM (Malay)

Started by anialim1299, Mar 13, 2022, 09:08 AM

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Ragnarok Lords of Sakray is looking for Support/Event GM that speaks Malay or malaysian. We have malaysian players.

Server Info: https://bit.ly/ROLOSInfo

Here's what to expect in RagnarokLOS!
🔰 [Server Rates]
Base Exp: 5x | Job Exp: 5x
Normal Drops: 2x
MVP Drops: 1x
MVP/MiniMVP Cards: Disabled
🔰 [Server Info]
Base & Job: 99/50
Max ASPD: 190
Max Stats: 99
Mode: Pre-Renewal


This is first time I saw a server who is looking for Malay GM. Hope you'll get one soon.
UP for this !!
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