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Started by leadtech, Jun 21, 2011, 03:38 AM

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    I am currently make a new server and i'm hiring some professional and dedicated staff .The server is Highrate 99/70 .. With Custom Items

    Available Position:

-Scripter (0/1)
- Graphic Designer (0/1)
- Event GM (Must Be Active) (0/1)

This is NON-PAID Staffs :)

Fill up this format :

QuoteFull name
(Please put Real Full Name)

Positions desired

Contact information

Languages spoken

Age and/or Date of birth
Nationality :(optional)
Education: (optional)

Hobbies and Interests:


  • with Ragnarok Online

  • with eAthena

    Brief personal profile:
    What will you contribute to the server?:
Send me your Application ..

Contact me if you want to apply ..
YM - [email protected]

or PM me here in RMS :)[/list]

Flash Ragnarok Online [ONLINE]


bump still recruiting active GM's :) Apply now

Flash Ragnarok Online [ONLINE]

Shindozu Battousai

Nickname: Minion
Full name: Ryan Tofani

msn: [email protected]
Website: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/profile.php?id=578953578

Language: English
Age 19
DoB: September 25, 1991

United States of America, Illonis

Education: High School Deploma From Alan B. Shepard High
Hobbies: Gaming, anime, manga, working with computers

Worked at a animal shelter for 6 months as a kennel attendant and customer service.
Worked Dispatch at several anime conventions
Worked on Voyage RO for 3 months as a questor/scriptor and security.

Availability: basically whenever
10am - 11pm anyday.

ive been playin RO for quite some time, on and off at times due to events that happen but always reshow my face.


Updating Thread .
Still hiring ;)

Flash Ragnarok Online [ONLINE]


Still hiring experience staff :) ...Just sent me a PM : )

Flash Ragnarok Online [ONLINE]


Name: Adam Parr
IGN: AmplifieD

Age: 18 Year's old

Contact: [email protected]
or Via dynastyro forum (www.dynastyro.co.nr/forum/ - Akunja )

Location: England

Main - English
second - German

Past Experiences:

GM & Forum moderator at DivinationRO = around 7 months,
Admin at AnimeRO = present (shutting down soon)
Owner of DynastyRO (Super high rate pvp server)
GM At BlitzRO - 2 years (Server dead)

Positions Applied for:
Event GM

About me?:

I've been playing Ragnarok servers since around 2004? , moving from here to there
Learnt scripting via my own servers (still learning some things),
I'm currently working on my own super high rate pvp server, but looking for a mid/low rate to work on

Availability: Most days, unless working (UK night time i work as bar tender )
Always available to contact.


Name: Siege
Surname: V.D Bozeringen
Country: UK/Netherlands,London.
E-Mail: [email protected] 
Ragnarok Experience: Have 5years experience of playing RO.
GM Experience: Was GM on FreakyRO,TezRO,AtroceRO,
Game Masters Name: [GM]Siege
Availability:7-13hours a day. Sometimes more.
Language Support: Dutch,English,Arabic,German(Deutsch),French.
What Postion you want to be: All-around-GM,SupportGM,EventGM,PoliceGM.One of those.
Hobbies: Gaming,Football,basketball
Why do you want to be a GM: I want to share my experience in playing here in this server, supporting people in games is what i do and like.


*Thread Updated

We are hiring staffs for our upcoming server :) Send us your resume/application

Position Available:

- Scripter
- Designer
- EventGM

Flash Ragnarok Online [ONLINE]


Quote from: leadtech on Sep 24, 2011, 06:10 AM
*Thread Updated

We are hiring staffs for our upcoming server :) Send us your resume/application

Position Available:

- Scripter
- Designer
- EventGM

Still hiring? Just check my application! (:


Full name
Elior Gitelman

Positions desired
Event GM

Contact information
FaceBook : http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000881572040
Languages spoken
English. (no one really speaks hebrew in RO :) )

Age and/or Date of birth 5/1/1999
Age:12 dont worry about my age .
Nationality :(optional) Israel .
Education: (optional)

Hobbies and Interests: my hobbies are : playing ro , watching tv , help to ppl , play soccer , make ppl happy :)


    with Ragnarok Online playing 6 years. if i dont know somehing so my  brother helping me.

    with eAthena

Availbility: when in malay and usa its morning here its evening so i can play when the other gms offline.

Brief personal profile: i am a helpful man , i really like to make ppl happy and i like when they smile :)
my english is not best , but i will be better and better.

What will you contribute to the server?: i can think about speciel event , i can be active alot of time! i can help ppl and explain them everything they want.
i will make a lot of events .
i really want to be gm and show my skills .
and i can be active for more then 6hours every day.
thank you , Elior.


Hm... It's been about 3 months since your original first post; I was wondering if you could update us with some more info regarding the server so we at least have an idea what we're up for when we think about applying?



•Age: 21
•RO experience: Active PVP/WOE/MVP ++
•Languages: English / Tagalog
•How long you've played: 5 Years ++
•How long you can be on for: 2 hours ++
•Previous GM positions with server names: None just Helper @ MyRO
•Timezone: GMT+8
•About yourself: humble,active ingame support
•Why you want to be a GM: i want to experience being a gm, ever since i played RO, never been GM once, i want to be a good active gm :)