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Name: Adam Parr
IGN: AmplifieD

Age: 18 Year's old

Contact: [email protected]
or Via dynastyro forum (www.dynastyro.co.nr/forum/ - Akunja )

Location: England

Main - English
second - German

Past Experiences:

GM & Forum moderator at DivinationRO = around 7 months,
Admin at AnimeRO = present (shutting down soon)
Owner of DynastyRO (Super high rate pvp server)
GM At BlitzRO - 2 years (Server dead)

Positions Applied for:
Event GM

About me?:

I've been playing Ragnarok servers since around 2004? , moving from here to there
Learnt scripting via my own servers (still learning some things),
I'm currently working on my own super high rate pvp server, but looking for a mid/low rate to work on

Availability: Most days, unless working (UK night time i work as bar tender )
Always available to contact.

Name: Siege
Surname: V.D Bozeringen
Country: UK/Netherlands,London.
E-Mail: [email protected] 
Ragnarok Experience: Have 5years experience of playing RO.
GM Experience: Was GM on FreakyRO,TezRO,AtroceRO,
Game Masters Name: [GM]Siege
Availability:7-13hours a day. Sometimes more.
Language Support: Dutch,English,Arabic,German(Deutsch),French.
What Postion you want to be: All-around-GM,SupportGM,EventGM,PoliceGM.One of those.
Hobbies: Gaming,Football,basketball
Why do you want to be a GM: I want to share my experience in playing here in this server, supporting people in games is what i do and like.

*Thread Updated

We are hiring staffs for our upcoming server :) Send us your resume/application

Position Available:

- Scripter
- Designer
- EventGM


--- Quote from: leadtech on Sep 24, 2011, 06:10 am ---*Thread Updated

We are hiring staffs for our upcoming server :) Send us your resume/application

Position Available:

- Scripter
- Designer
- EventGM

--- End quote ---

Still hiring? Just check my application! (:

Full name
Elior Gitelman

Positions desired
Event GM

Contact information
FaceBook : http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000881572040
Languages spoken
English. (no one really speaks hebrew in RO :) )

Age and/or Date of birth 5/1/1999
Age:12 dont worry about my age .
Nationality :(optional) Israel .
Education: (optional)

Hobbies and Interests: my hobbies are : playing ro , watching tv , help to ppl , play soccer , make ppl happy :)


    with Ragnarok Online playing 6 years. if i dont know somehing so my  brother helping me.

    with eAthena

Availbility: when in malay and usa its morning here its evening so i can play when the other gms offline.

Brief personal profile: i am a helpful man , i really like to make ppl happy and i like when they smile :)
my english is not best , but i will be better and better.

What will you contribute to the server?: i can think about speciel event , i can be active alot of time! i can help ppl and explain them everything they want.
i will make a lot of events .
i really want to be gm and show my skills .
and i can be active for more then 6hours every day.
thank you , Elior.


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