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Server in development [unnamed as of now] is looking for a nice and helpful co-administrator to start things off and manage staff/users/affairs mostly.

The premise of the server is as follows:
- The idea is to improve the experience of players in every aspect: PvE, WoE, MvP, Questing, etc.
- Official settings but with small tweaks to make the game feel fresh.
- Rebalance skills to make different builds more viable in PvE and WoE.
- Catered to casual players: 2x experience with exp bonus based on monster level and 5x drop (logarithmic). Equipment for better leveling, not the other way around.
- No P2W, no overpowered cash items.
- The server will follow episodes timeline beggining from ep.7 aprox. It will start with second jobs only and update to transcended classes after they've been rebalanced.

The server location would be in West Europe or east coast USA. The target audience is Europe and North/South America (although it will not be closed to anyone). English as first language, Spanish as second.

I'll carry with the server costs with the help of donations.

Planned features (Things that will be done to fullfill the server premise):
- 2x exp rate. 5x drop rate (algorithmic). 1x MVP.
- Tons of zeny sinks.
- Tons of cheap costumes.
- Amnesia reset NPC (full stat/skill reset comes with dropping a few levels).
- Add a 25-50% exp bonus to players defeating monsters of similar level to encourage exploring/switching maps.
- Add a usable item that boosts drop items based on the player doing stuff: leveling up, mvp'ing, forging, brewing, etc instead of increasing rates. Better equipment, better woe supplies.
- Rebalance: Some skills will be slightly nerfed but cheaper to perform. Other skills will be boosted to match damage or survivability. Better SP and HP recovery. Better passive skills. More ideas are welcome as long as they make sense and are not overpowered.
- Ideally and with good planning, it will be interesting to implement 3rd jobs with pre-re formulas or a very slight tweak to them.

- Coding is pretty much covered by me alone.
- Client is already built.
- Need help reverting scripts back to ep 7.
- Need help promoting the server.
- Need help with proofreading because my English sucks c:

If you share this vision and/or have interesting ideas that don't fall too far from official settings, drop me a pm.

Still requiring some help! Skill modifications are almost done. Checkout discord for more info https://discord.gg/hcDURrRd

Are you Still looking?

For sure. There're some people interested in Discord but nothing close to a staff.

Even then, development is still going on.


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