[Recruitment] HiwaRO LF> 3 Community Moderators

Started by Xan Sietry, Jan 06, 2021, 05:14 PM

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Xan Sietry

Hi everyone,

HiwaRO has started its advertising, which means that players have already started to join our Discord and Facebook communities.

That's why we decided to start the hiring process for a total of 3 "Community Moderators".

One of your most important task would be to moderate the Discord channels by warning players and contact the "Admins" with solid evidences if you think a player is in fault and would deserve to be banned.

We already have a "Point System" in place that will allow us to keep track of the players with bad behaviors.

Lets resume the tasks:

  • Moderate the Discord and Facebook communities
  • Welcome new players
  • Support the players by answering as many questions as you possibly can when asked on our comminity platforms  - (Don't hesitate to contact the Admins if you don't have the adequate answers.)

We will maintain our "FAQ Page" to make sure the "Community Moderators" have canned answers that they can provide to the players.

If you're interested use the following to contact us: