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Author Topic: GreytRO - MidiCity V2  (Read 932 times)

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GreytRO - MidiCity V2
« on: Jul 31, 2017, 01:43 am »
Hi there!

MidicityRO is back and chugging along full-speed with a new team and administrator.

At this present stage; there are multiple positions open in all areas of development/creative and In-game GMing.

If you're up for a huge change of pace, and eager to work on a project that's 100% customised in every single way. Comparatively speaking, nothing comes close to the features and content on display here.

Scheduled release for episode 1 is roughly late October to early November. Most likely earlier.

Before applying, I personally insist you check out the current state of the game for yourself.
Join our Discord to grab everything required to get started.
- https://discord.gg/eDtVz3v

I'm accepting applicants of all experience levels in all fields.
Training is also available in said fields.

Paid positions may be considered for the right applicant(s)

Swing me a PM on Discord for more information, or to apply

Thanks for your time!

My kindest regards