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Started by kopono, Nov 12, 2011, 09:03 AM

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Hi, my alias is Kopono and I'm looking for a team to work with. I use to have my own server back in the day called 'SurgeRO'; and I was the sole owner & developer on that server. I'm good with doing almost everything needed; I can script NPCs, help code websites, add source code, manage database, etc.

Quick Stats
Age: 21
Time Zone: GMT -05:00 (EST)
Experience: C++, JAVA, PHP/mySQL, xHTML, CSS

Contact Info
PM me on this forum, or leave a reply on my topic.

I use to go by the alias of 'Kopi' in RO.

Reliable . Powerful . Simple

Add me on Skype, 'Kopono'. Add me on MSN, '[email protected]'.


Hey there, kopono!

I'd like to speak with you further, please either add me on MSN ([email protected]) or Skype (combustibility).

Looking forward to speaking with you. c:


Unavailable now; working for ZephyRO.

Reliable . Powerful . Simple

Add me on Skype, 'Kopono'. Add me on MSN, '[email protected]'.


Hello Kopono,

I see that you're unavailable however I am just putting our server out there. If you do end up deciding to change servers then please contact me via PM.

If you'd like to check out the server anyways our website is www.avalonro.net or check out my post http://forum.ratemyserver.net/recruitment/avalonro-recruiting-developer/

We have 200+ on daily.