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Started by Fanfare, Nov 13, 2011, 04:08 PM

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STATUS: Unavailable (14.11.2011)
Unless this changes to "Available", I'll be unavailable so don't bother posting in this thread or PMing me.

~   Name: Gerard F.
~   Age: 20
~   Nationality: Spanish (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain)
~   Education: Law Degree (Currently)

~   Gamemaster (Event, Support, Police...)
~   Creative (Events and New content Planner)
~   Development (Scripter)
~   Forum moderator
~   Spanish translator
~   ...

~   spanish (native)
~   catalan (native)
~   english
~   french
~   italian
~   portuguese

~   Playing: 8+ years
~   GM: 4+ years
~   Scripter: 3 years
~   Database: 1 year

~   GMT+1 (Europe)

~   Weekdays: 6 hours (between 4pm and 10pm)
~   Weekends & Holidays: Random (Almost always there)

~   Region: Europe (I don't want to wake up at 3am to talk with you ._.)
~   Rates: 10x10x10x ~ 50x50x50x
~   Status: Online servers > Projects
These aren't restrictions, only preferences. If your server has higher rates or you're not european, that doesn't mean we can't talk about it ;]

I got hit by the nostalgia. I used to have my own server with its 100+ users popularity and I miss those times. I'm open to anything as long as it's official-like. I love customizations, but only if they look as if they're official (enormous and ugly wings? No thank you)

If you're interested, answer this thread or PM me. We can Skype or whatever.



Quote from: ragazero on Nov 13, 2011, 05:02 PM
Add me on MSN; [email protected]
Darn timezones, I really like your project but it's going to be impossible to work together due to our time differences  :(
Good luck anyways!

Any GMT server? I'm still available.


Add me on facebook : Marky Hester
Add me on MSN : [email protected]

Facebook page : www.facebook.com/ExideRO
Official Forums  : www.exidero.me/forums

Im From Ireland, Age 19 nearly 20.
Hope to have server all done and balanced by 1st December.
Hope to talk to you later.


Taken. Currently working for ZephyRO.


Hello Fanfare,

I see that you're unavailable however I am just putting our server out there. If you do end up deciding to change servers then please contact me via PM.

If you'd like to check out the server anyways our website is www.avalonro.net or check out my post http://forum.ratemyserver.net/recruitment/avalonro-recruiting-developer/

We have 200+ on daily. We have a large hispanic population so you'd fit in.