CrownRO Hiring Game Masters!

Started by GM Fury, Apr 08, 2020, 10:02 AM

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GM Fury

Hi, Everyone!

CrownRO is an upcoming pre-renewal MR ragnarok online private server.

Server Information:

We will be opening on April 17, 2020.

Positions Available:
2/2 - Support GM
1/1 - Event GM
1/1 - Marketing GM

1. 18 years old or above.
2. Been been playing Ragnarok Online for more than 3 Years minimum.
3. Can speak / type in English Fluently.
4. Good Personality.

- Game Masters shall receive Real Money Incentives every end of the month. ( Amount to be discussed )

How to Apply?
Send your resume to: [email protected]

Launch Date: April 17, 2020


- Updated as of 4/22/2020 -  /omg Our  Staff Roster has updated /omg

Applications via email are no longer being accepted.  /o To learn how to apply please visit our forums under "Staff Recruitment"

If you want to be part of a real long-term Ragnarok project, then definitely apply to join our Team!  /no1

Launch Date: April 17, 2020