[Application] Community Event GM For Hire

Started by RottenPotato, Dec 31, 2022, 09:53 AM

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While my full name is irrelevant on a public forum such as this one, I have no problem making things a bit more personal by saying: my first name is Trista and it's nice to potentially meet you.  I am over the age of eighteen by a few decades, I am in the Central Time Zone and English is my primary language. While I do have a job that has somewhat strange hours, I am able to play games before and after work. I like to believe I am almost impossible to offend and that I am probably easier to approach and get along with than a cybernetic donkey. Oh, at this point, I am entirely certain that 99% of my blood has been replaced by coffee. (No, I do not take myself too seriously, unless there is something going on that I have to be serious about. Life's too short not to have a sense of humor.)


While I have not been a RO GM, it is a game that I am rather familiar with. I am always willing to learn new things and I am not a complete novice at doing somewhat GM-equivalent things. I was the sole administrator and moderator of my own RP forum for about ten years, until the forum host went down and I could not find a similar place to re-host it. Other than that, I have been a member of the Imperial Ministry of Buya in a game called NexusTK; I was a Minister of Cultural Events- which means I came up with and hosted different games and events for the community on a weekly and monthly basis. I was never demoted, I simply stopped playing NexusTK after fifteen years, because the community had dwindled, the company that runs the game stopped caring about the players and my friends went elsewhere. I know my experience is not as interesting or in depth as what some other people may have, but I am a very fast learner.

What Can I Offer Your Server?

~ Weekly GM-hosted events that are different from what other servers (to my knowledge) offer. Most of the events I come up with are geared toward making people think. Most of the events I come up with do take at least an hour for players to complete, though I have no issue hosting games like Musical Chairs and Four-Square, to make sure nothing becomes too stale or repetative.

~ I am someone who can say with absolute certainty that I am always open to feedback when I host events.

~ If you are looking for a writer, that is something else I am willing to do. Not only have I written professionally (advertising, for the most part), but I believe I am somewhat decent when it comes to writing short stories as well. I can also proofread and edit things for spelling, punctuation and clarity, if that is something you think may benefit your server.

What Am I Looking For?

~ A non-PK server (I am not a fan of PvP at all.)

~ I am perfectly fine with a non-paid position. I enjoy hosting events, it's just something I think is fun to do.

~ I prefer working with someone who is fairly easy to communicate with, as I have no problem writing and sending reports regarding the results of the events that I host.