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BrightsideRO is a new fully customized high rate server that is opening today, July 15th.  We are in search of qualified and mature GMs!  Here is some of our basic server info: 255/120,10k/10k/custom,3rd job, and we follow our own story line/episodes!

* (1) Custom Mapper
* (1) Spriter
* (1) Scripter
* (1) Event GM
* (1) Wiki Editor
If you would like to apply for any of these positions, please leave your resume here or pm me.

Resume format (or post your own):
(click to show/hide)Name:
Contact Info:
Past Experience:
What position(s) you want to apply for:
Why we should choose you & what you can offer:
Portfolio (if possible):

Additional information on the server can be found on our website @ www.brightsidero.com[/list]

Name: Darwin Cajayon
Age: 20
Location: Philippines
Contact Info: 09093894174
Past Experience: Event GM - BloomRO
What position(s) you want to apply for: Event GM
Why we should choose you & what you can offer: because my experiences in the past server lend my knowledge to be improve and to offer high proficient service to the community of the server
Availability: everyday 5-8 hours a day
Portfolio (if possible): here's the link --> http://forum.ratemyserver.net/coding-and-graphics/rate-my-gallery/

Bump!  Still looking for qualified GMs!

I'd like to be an event GM  :)
Name: Richie Joseph
Age: 16
Location: USA
Contact Info: [email protected]
Past Experience: GloomyRO Event GM, Access-RO Co-Admin
What Position(s) do you want to apply for: Event GM
Why we should choose you & what you can offer: Being a GM in the past and Co-Admin, this will be ninth year playing RO (on and off) and I genuinely enjoy seeing players having fun on RO because I have not seen that in a while.
Availability: 6+ hours on any given day

Hello! I would like to apply for your server.

Name: Karen Truong
Age: 19
Sex: Female

I would like to be an Event GM.

* * *

Known Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese.
Location: California
Availability: 5 Hours or more, daily.

Contact Info: [email protected]

Past Experience: Administrator, Scripter, Support, and Event GM at Ragnarok Frontier for 5 years.

    I was a Administrator at my previous server for a couple of years and I have a decent amount of experience with players. I am very patient and I am able to tolerate eager and very aggressive players. I have communicate and socialize a lot so I can be able to talk to players as another fellow player.

I am looking forward to become part of the staff here in BrightSide.  :)


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