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Started by Aurora™, Jul 02, 2010, 01:47 PM

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So, I've been away from RO for quite some time now, and I'd really like to take back up being on a team, and since the forums have been wiped since my last resume was posted, here I go again! :D

Please e-mail me at [email protected], or add me, if you're at all interested!

Position(s) Sought (really, I'll be good wherever you need me most, but I love being in-game more than anything, and interacting with the people)

  • Forum or In-Game Support and Moderation

  • Server Administration in the fashion of Head Administrator or Co-Administrator

Languages Spoken

  • English

  • Small amount of German

Experience (every server I've listed last for long periods of time, and were separated usually by a hiatus)

  • iRO - I started playing during the beta testing of iRO, took a small break once it opened, and came back a month later. I stopped playing iRO at the beginning of the current year (2010).

  • Ethereal Revenge - Very first private server. Lasted for about half of a year, which is where I made most of the people I know today

  • FrostRO - Started out as an in-game Support GM, and was later ranked up to the in-game Event GM. Stayed an active and known role in the community for about three or four years.

  • ShockwaveRO - Knew the server like the back of my hand, and joined the Player Support guild not too long after joining. Stayed an active and known role in the community until the server eventually became the epitome of drama, and was handed over to an unsuitable staff. I occasionally talk to the original owner.

  • Divinity - Was originally recruited due to an RMS topic a couple of years ago. Stayed for a couple of months as an active in-game Support GM, and an active forum moderator.

  • MaelstromRO - My own server. It had outlived its lifespan due to inadequate funding.

  • EpicRO - Recruited as an original staff member before release. I was an active forum moderator and in-game support GM, however, I was also the only one who ran events and gave out adequate prizes. Most of the players described me as the life of eRO. Left due to bad decisions made by the administration and lack of time due to management training iRL. Only lasted about a month or so, and the server closed not long after that.

  • NanoRO - I started here about the same time as Epic and left the same time, however, this was purely because of lack of time. Was an active GM and forum moderator, and helped clean everything up a bit in place of the old co-administrator, who had become inactive at the time of my joining the team.

  • PumpkinRO - I played as a player for about a week, and was one of the first three, original staff members. I was an active forum representative, as well as the known staff representative next to the LGM, and was very well liked. This, however, only last a few weeks as corruption began to spread about, as well as the administrative team being completely unorganized and unable to keep their staff members updated.

  • CarpediemRO - Was accepted on as a trial, and ended up having to leave due to lack of time regarding work. My time here did not last very long, but I did make good time with the majority of the community, and helped have their voices heard on certain issues. Server closed down not long after I left, I believe, the reason, I do not know.

  • LuminaRO - Was hired on as a trial, and recently ended that due to inability for myself and my fiancé to work cooperatively with certain team members, as well as our disagreements with certain things regarding the staff. However, I did enjoy my output of work here, as I was able to put forth effort into a support position regarding major issues, support tickets and speaking with players in-game.

There have also been various other servers that I have happened to be recruited in to, but none lasted any memorable amount of time. Over all, I'd had roughly seven and a half years experience. I have been playing RO as a whole for about 8-9 years. I generally know the mechanics of the game, and learn custom mechanics fairly quickly. I did play the official servers for the majority of my RO days.

Other Experience

Most of my experience and expertise lies in the community, being able to support, police and lend a helping hand where it's needed. Due to my own server, I have scripting knowledge, but very little, and still require guides to get me on my feet. So, I can help, but I'm definitely not the fastest/the best. I am interested in learning, however. I'm also an amateur at design (banners, avatars, signatures, etc..), but until I get PS back on my laptop, that's put on hold for a bit.

Personal Information

I'm 18. I'm going in to my first year of college either in the summer of the fall for teaching history, and I am also involved in management at work which has me working 30+ hours a week. I don't have as much free time as I used to, but I do have enough as to support being on a team and being generally active. I live in Marietta, GA, in the US.  All in all, I'm a very laidback person. I'm pretty confident about the things I know, and the things I'm slowly starting to learn, though I can admit when I'm wrong, and I can take being corrected or constructive criticism. I don't like taking crap from other people, but I am nice to usually everyone. I always try to come off as polite as possible when I express my opinion, or when I debate, and I always make it a habit to consider another person's idea. I can be a very spunky or hyper person at times, which causes people to think I'm someone I'm not (meaning, I can bite when needed.)

On a more personal note, my given name is Sarah. That's Hebrew for 'Princess' or 'Refined Lady'. It's associated with beauty but also with impudence. I'm far more eloquent behind a keyboard than I manage to be in the real world. Hi, how are you? I'm steadfast, reliable, intuitive, judgmental, conservative, conscientious and creative. I'm also very headstrong in the things I enjoy doing, and make it a goal to be active in something I'm setting my mind to. To know, most would say I'm pretty well kept to myself but loud at the same time, those that know me well would say far from the quiet little girl in the corner. In other words, I don't like being judged by my cover. I love to read in my spare time, and play console/other MMO games.


My timezone is EST -5, and I'm generally on from 10AM-2:30PM, roughly, and I work from 5PM-10/11PM, usually, except for Saturdays when I work day shifts, and Wednesday when I work 4-to close. I don't yet have my college schedule.

What can she offer me?!

Well, aside from my outbursts of randomness, I am generally a very serious, very professional person. When it comes to the community of the server, I love interacting, and I love hearing what they have to say. Needless to say, staff member or not, I'm very active on the forums of a server I enjoy, and as a staff member, aside from supporting and helping out, I love simply sitting in-game and talking. On most servers I've been a part of, I was usually the go-to GM, and most people know my name, and I don't think I've ever created a bad reputation. Being a part of a team, when it comes to RO, has become a passion of mine, and I always make sure to keep a level head about open debates, problems and arguments. I'm usually fair at judging, and I've never had complaints about the way I work before, and I shouldn't in the future. I speak, a lot, and am a very outgoing person, which is why I had created my own server, but like I said, it failed because I didn't have the funds to support it.


So, in conclusion, I'm looking for a home. I'm tired of being recruited on to a team, giving it my all, only for the server to close, corruption to ensue, or the staff/community is not the best. I want a place I can settle down in to, put forth my effort, and enjoy; as well as take pride in. If I can find this here, then you can find an amazing addition to the team in myself.

Please e-mail me at [email protected], or add me, if you're at all interested!


Not going to start a new topic since it's already here.

So, I am back and somewhat active again. I disappeared not too long ago due to unavailability and being slightly overworked, but my schedule is pretty much good now, after Halloween is over with. I've editted my resume a bit, which my new availability and times. I'm a part of management, now, at my job, so my time consumption has been taken up a little more.

Because of my inactivity due to the management training and stuff, I pretty much inadvertently left my two previous servers, which did not give me a whole lot of time to let people know what was going on. My second server I left due to the incompetence of the staff and administration.

SO! I am available again, and since my schedule is set now, there won't be any surprises, and I'd like something to do in my spare time! Come January, my time will be even more limited with schooling. I love being a part of staff too much, however, so I tend to miss it.

I'm looking for a home. Not a server that is either going to fail in a couple of months, or the administration is going to disappear. Somewhere I can stay and give my best effort without having to worry about another staff member getting upset that I'm trying (believe me, it's happened, childish, right?) Somewhere where the staff has fun, but is also professional and helpful. I've gotten to the point where I don't care for legits, but normally I make one just for fun.

So, if you can offer me a place to stay, a staff that is kind and open, and a community that is stable and set, I can offer you a staff member that is loyal, generally active (unless something comes up), and gives GMing her all.

So, in so many words.

Posted on: Oct 24, 2010, 10:53 pm
Yet again, active. Information is still fairly similar. If you're interested, please add my MSN!



Hey Aurora. What's up?

I wanted to contact you but I'll be busy until after christmas, are you available then?
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Feel free to contact me whenever's best for you.


Added on MSN(: Will contact ASAP.


Posted on: Jan 15, 2011, 11:46 pm

Currently no longer any ongoing projects or staff affiliations.

Looking. <3
Posted on: Jan 31, 2011, 03:53 pm
Just recently ended a job with a server, and am currently available.

Also, I am now looking in what I suppose you could call a duo, which would be myself and my fiancé.
If interested, my resume is, obviously, available here, and I can supply a resume from him upon speaking with you, or simply allow you to speak with the both of us.

A bit of information about him: He's new to scripting, but for his level of ability is fairly good at it. With studies, however, he does not wish it to be his primary job, and is in search of positions similar to my own preferences. He has many years of experience regarding real life customer service, as well as experience with dealing with server staffs long-term (examples would be RebirthRO, PumpkinRO) and has an extremely professional attitude about the job, and strives to work just as hard as anyone. He is also looking for a home, as both of us have not yet found a suitable server to settle down on, and both of us are looking to output our abilities in the best way we can, in any way we can.

I'm looking forward to, hopefully, hearing from you. <3


Well, hey!

Once again, I am available, as is my fiance, creating our duo. However! I am not restricted to just the duo (though, I would prefer to be hired that way, as I prefer only being tied to one server at a time).

I've also said this a million times up until now, but I am looking for a home. Though I am a student and a full-time manager, I put many, many hours into my job as a staff member (as does my fiance), and the both of us take the job seriously (with some jokes in between, derp). I am seeking a server that has an active community that I can get involved with heavily, and equal opportunities amongst the staff for the staff to grow and show their capabilities (as well as staff freedom). I can't stand being told what to do and how to do it. Unless it is a task of the up-most important (DB work, scripts, etc), then I would like a server where I can freely exercise my creativity and out-goingness as a GM.

Another thing, I would like an English-speaking server. I don't mind internationality (at all), but I would like it to be the primary language (if possible). Oh! And forums, very important. My personal belief is that a community isn't really a community without an active forum base and eventfulness.

With all that said, if you're at all interested, please send me a PM here. I can also provide you with my fiance's resume (and a means to speaking to him yourself).

Looking forward to hearing from some of you~



Still available and looking. c:


It seems you've found a server. You should change this to unavailable.