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Started by Maxtream, May 09, 2021, 05:31 AM

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Hello I'm looking for a graphic designer / spriter to join my project.

This is not a role for private server though. I am creating web based RO inspired game https://roidle.com. Currently I'm blatantly using sprites of RO game itself and some random graphical sprites (with giving credits to creators).
And I would like to create some unique things with the character "sprites" which is much more easier than original sprites (in my understanding), because it involve less animations. Beside sprites I would like person to be involved in other parts of the design decision making. Basically I'm looking for someone to take over graphical side of the game, since I suck at it :) Another person that is helping me currently is concentrating on quests, 2nd jobs and balancing. I am doing all the client side, server side and vision development.

What is a must: English on a good level, since it's the language we communicate in. Design skills: preferably with prior experience with sprites. Graphical or UI/UX experience is a bonus.
What is nice to have: Passion for creation of RO like web/idle game where we can do whatever and not limited by RO mechanics and engines.

I don't mind discussing rewards for this work, monetary or not. But do keep in mind that this is a passion project and primary value is not to generate revenue, it would be a good side-effect.
Drop a message here or PM me on discord for details Maxtream#1194