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Started by needgoodserver, Sep 22, 2020, 08:16 PM

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I do not have any true experience with RO development, but I've been working with other MMORPGs for over 10 years.

TOP, MU, Flyff, and Fiesta online servers.

I'm hoping to find someone to work with whose point of view is open-minded and creative  for us to build something --really new -- starting with a very old (episode wise) pre-re version of this great game as a base.

I'm really a hard guy to work with, I offer excellence and demand as much from those I work with.

I'm the first to criticize my own work, I expect the same from you.


I'm aware of nostalgia, not-willing-to-re-learn new things, and general sadness of casual players or lazy veterans.
That said, after 20 years, it's time for this game to take a shift, not a 360 one, that wouldn't be necessary, but there's
quite a few things that require modernization and other that require severe removal.

The game's too big, too many maps, the population is easily dispersed over such wide space, and instances should be made
easily accessible and less tedious.

Lucky you, I'm a very expert RPG designer -- I dedicated my entire life to the design and storyboard of RPGs, but the mechanics is where I shine bright. I'm a dragon when it comes to creating original and interesting designs and the smartest ways of balancing their execution.


Because none of y'all is an rpg game designer!

And those who could be considered akin or close to such definition have a "general consensus" point of view that's the epicenter of the issue. I do not want to divulge my approach nor my ideas, but do not fret, I can assure you that if there's a real designer - and his hand ain't forced in a certain direction by some greedy company or individual the things accomplishable knows no bounds.

Furthermore, 99% of the times developers are also doing the design part.


The disaster's assured.


You guys do not know how to create meaningful gameplay mechanics nor rpg-type calculation without messing up.

Do you truly want to start something serious and innovative? I'm the person that you're looking for.


are you hired already? kindly direct msg me thanks