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Author Topic: [Recruitment] Content writers, developers & public relations.  (Read 834 times)

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Offline Najara

Hey everyone!

For my server, we are looking for a few (1~3) team members that can help us with writing tasks (quests, events, instances) as well as with the public/social (entertainment, support, events and monitoring) aspect.

The name of the server is ReverieRO, our rates are 30/30/30x, Pre-RE, and max level is 150/70, lots of quests, costumes, palettes, refreshing source customizations/modifications, etc. Players have repeatedly told us we have 'the nicest community and staff from all server I've ever played' and we take much pride in that knowledge. The server has consistently between 70~90 players online and 105 players during peak times (which includes 25 vendors tops). With that said, we're growing immensely fast so you definitely need not worry about having to entertain a ghost town!

I could go very in-depth about the details, but you would probably be better of checking out our domain, our RMS server listing advertisement or better- our wiki.

We currently have a team of 7 (not including wiki contributors) and each of us excels in their own field. We're a fun, friendly and competent bunch. Among us are relatively known (ex-)staff members of rAthena, who have been staff of some of the bigger servers out there, so we - by no means - lack in knowledge, skills or experience.  What brings us here, then? Simply, the fact that the server is very gradually growing, and we could use some additional assistance!

- Minimum age of 21.
- A clean RMS/community record. (Yes; we'll do a background check).
- Average ~ high availability (2+ hours daily) preferably for SEA and/or USA regions.
- Moderate ~ expert experience with organizing GM-hosted events & providing customer support, as well as smoothing things down in case something exploded and the other staff is absent. (Note: This is yet to happen).
- Must be able to properly and professionally communicate with other staff members and players. This includes having an above average ~ fluent English writing and reading comprehension.
- Must be capable to provide input when requested. We value all staff's opinion and each of us have a say, so please don't keep quiet. ♥
- Must have a favorable over-all attitude: enthusiastic, trustworthy, patient, kind, respectful, responsible, optimistic, keen to help, unbiased.
- Must be self-sufficient, aka not constantly having to be told to hop in-game and socialize/host events. The more initiative you show, the better!
- Must be willing to comply to our application procedure (application form/questionnaire -> voice interview -> server (features) self-study). We take our recruitment serious and thus - assuming you make it through - the entire procedure is expected to take up to two hours, spread across 1~3 days (depending on schedules).

Have we sparked your interest? Then, without further ado, I recommend you to fill out our > application form < in absolute, sincere honesty. Please be aware that the application will be strict and consists out of multiple steps, including a voice interview and a post acceptance, self-study procedure. However, we won't just reject you for the slightest of hiccup in your application, because we'd really like to give promising applicants a chance to flourish among us.

Looking forward to receive your applications!  /lv

~ S
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