[Recruitment] Marketing Support & Discord Manager

Started by PokeROGaming, Apr 18, 2021, 12:23 PM

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Hello RMS Community,

Project Pokemon is currently looking for Marketing Support and a Discord Manager.

Project Pokemon is an upcoming Mid Rate 99/70 server. It is a fully customized server built from the ground up using the latest emulator and client. Pokemon can be summoned to aid you in battle, caught with Pokeballs/Great Balls etc, and registered to your Pokedex. This is an extensive project that has incorporated all 8 Gym leaders for you to battle. There are random trainers in the fields/dungeons for you to battle and you can also battle Pokemon with friends and rivals!

We are looking for passionate members who are knowledgable in RO and Pokemon.

Marketing Support Role:
Creating marketable content - GFX

Discord Manager:
Community management and guide building

All interested applicants can reach me here or PM me. The project is currently in closed beta testing, if interested, I would be happy to showcase. Come be part of a one of a kind opportunity!