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Started by Flippy, Oct 30, 2011, 11:59 PM

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I'm looking for avid and enthusiastic staff members who are knowledgeable on how eAthena runs to help me create a brand new server. My old server, Kippy Ragnarok Online which I was the co-admin/owner, had it's ups and downs but it really wasn't ran properly. We only had two staff members who basically did everything as well as the server being created due to a relationship and eventually died. This time around, I'll be hiring proper staff to help me run a balance and stable server to the best of our abilities. Just remember, no server is perfect.

So what are some of the server details?
-There is no name as of yet. But since a name is needed, it will be temporary called "No-name"RO.
-I've been a fan of mid/low-high rates with a level cap depending on how high the rates are. Of course the max base and job level will never exceed 255/99 since things start to go to hell from there due to the stat and skill allocation.
-The server will NEVER give donators the advantage over regular players nor will it force people to donate to keep the server alive.
-Custom items will be on the server. I'd like these items to have unique yet balanced stats that will not force official items to become obsolete.
-3rd jobs may or may not be included on the server. Depends if the staff deems that the skills are overpowered or needs some tweaks.
-In some sort of the way, let it be graphics or maps; the server will have some cuteness! KippyRO was based on cuteness and probably attracted many due to it's colors or chibi fan-art.
-The server will be USA based.
-The server will have it's own .com/org/net/etc and will NOT be hosted on a home connection.
-The final details of the server will be announced when I have formed a team and worked out the details with them.

What positions are open?
-1 Spriter/Mapper
-1 Graphic Designer
-1 Web designer
-2 SubGMs (Limited power)
-1+ Scripters

Are there any requirements?
-You must be fluent in the English language
-Please show that you are mature enough while filling out the application. I don't mind hiring people less than 18 years old but if you show that aren't fit to be on the team, your application will be denied or you will be removed from the team after a warning.
-You should show some dedication to the team. I'm not looking for people who comes and goes without notice or is currently working on X amount of servers.
-You should have some knowledge on the field you're applying for. I'm not forcing anyone to take a position that they know NOTHING about.
-Let me know if you're interested in multiple positions. Just don't over work yourself!
-I'm located in the GMT -5 timezone. So ideally, I'm looking for staff members who I can communicate with while I'm awake and not some odd hours like 3am in the morning! So if you're a night-owl currently living in Asia/Europe, you're welcome to apply!

Alright, so I'm interested! Is there a form to fill out?
-There is no form to fill out since I'd like to screen Resumes before asking farther questions. Be sure to format the Resume neatly for the eye and include the common criteria; name, age, location, languages spoken, RO history and the position desired. Feel free to include any other details necessary that you think may interest me such as work samples and such.

When you think your Resume is ready, send an email to flippy[at]kippyro[dot]com. Just be sure to put "Real/Nick name's Resume from RMS" in the subject. I will not accept Resumes through PM on any forum.


Any takers? Going to give this another week!


Flippy Ill help you. I gotta find my resume though.

I can fill the position of Spriter/Mapper.


I'm willing to help but as I'm not a coder of any kind I can't see myself as being anything other than just a person who's always on :P