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Started by Fondant, Mar 26, 2013, 06:16 PM

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Name Age & Gender:
Erica / 21 Years Of Age / Female

Timezone (GMT) & Nationality :
GMT -5 (Eastern.) United States.

What languages do you speak?:
English Fluently (Some German)

Amount of time you can spend time on the server a) Each day b) Each week :
Professionally I'm a cake decorator which means my peak time is on weekends. I've always MADE time for RO, and will continue doing so if hired on as a GM. Weekends around 5 hours , Weekdays around 7-8 Hours, Two days a week 12 Hours or more. Let me know if you have any questions with my schedule. I'm on EVERY DAY unless there is an emergency at the home front.

Do you have any past experience as being a Game Master? :
No history as a GM, but I'm willing to learn as much as I can! Several years playing RO servers.

What kind of Game Master you would like to apply with us? :
Councilor GM, Event GM, Administrator GM, Support GM, also Forum Mod if I can also be support in game. I Went to college for Web Design And Graphics, So It's possible i could help with that as well if needed.  No experience in scripting. I'd prefer a position where I can help players and keep the game safe and enjoyable for them.

Why do you think you'd be a good addition to the current team? :
I've always enjoyed helping players with problems, and have years of RO experience, I think my knowledge of the game would be of great use. I'm a very calm but excited person, I can handle odd situations very well. I just want the game to be as enjoyable through the years for everyone as it has been to me. I'd love the opportunity to help a rising server in any way and bring some creative idea's to a team and server.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about you? :

I'm willing to learn along the way and I would be SUPER excited to join a GM team after years of playing and helping out as a player. I already know many commands used as a GM and I'm willing to be a strict but fun GM, on as much as possible to help as needed. I'd prefer PreRenewal as this is where I have the most experience, and am more comfortable in a Low to Mid Rate server. I'm willing to learn in high rate and third job servers as well.

Thank You~

Contact Me :
PM Me In RateMyServer
Email: [email protected]
Skype: HPFondant




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I'd be a great addition, please
take the time to review my
application  /ho


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