[Recruitment] Looking for more staff for ExcelRO - Upcoming 1x1x1x Classic Pre-trans locked

Started by ac195, Jan 22, 2022, 04:30 PM

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Hello! My name is Brandon Diaz. I am looking to expand our current staff in a server called ExcelRO. We are hoping to launch Beta in February with a full release around March or April. Our server stands out in the following ways:
USA-Based, PH support, Classic 99/50 1x1x1x server pre trans (currently TBD Episode 1 or 5 with periodic episode releases to 8).
Monthly player-elected player advocates in the server to help push the needs of the community to the staff.
Monthly player-votes on any changes for the server and overall server direction (all things including updates, events, PvE and PvP/WoE direction) so long that is does remain fair.
Cosmetic and dye related donation/vote rewards ONLY
Staff that listen to the players.
Harsh bot punishment.

Our current staff is fresh, we do not come from recently-failed ROs. Mainly, all server costs are made by myself without any intention of making profit. This is a hobby project and it will remain open as long as one single player is playing it. Applicants should inquire with monetary gain secondary. If the server does become profitable, transparency of all profits will be shown and all profits will be split among staff.

Please feel free to visit our site at www.excelragnarokonline.com
Reply here or message me if you are interested. You can also join our discord if you'd like. Please be prepared to list any experience you have in other servers. This does not mean we are not looking for experience.
We are looking for staff from all places of the world. Thank you.