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Hi guys!

A bit of my background: I am (Was) the owner of Excellence Ragnarok, Excellence Ragnarok Reborn, Zeus Ragnarok Low Rate, Diverse Ragnarok, Infinite Ragnarok.

All of them lasted for minimum of One year.
All of them have touched #1 High Rated Server here in Ratemyserver, years ago. (Except Zeus low rate)

So yeah. I am proud of my achievement. By "my" I mean me and my team(s).

Bounty Ragnarok is a new fresh private server with just 15 days old. And 120 Peak players.
What about our server?
Mid rated, 100x100x20 (Floating rates)
First ever Revo Classic 175/70. With "Evolve mode" (Our own OG scripts)

Our vision: To make a server where people can enjoy, and find it "home".

A bit saying of the server:
"There will be no "one hit multiple people dead"
"There will be no "no cast"
Most importantly, "A perfect combination of not too hard and not too easy"

Let's go straight to the point.  /gg

We're looking for:
1. Backup Developers.
2. Banner Designers.
3. Website Designers.
4. Sub Game Master // Events // Helper // Patrol // All round.
5. Advertisers.
6. Social Media Handler // Content Creator.
8. Streamers.
9. Entertainer. // Meme(s) posting, throwing jokes, keeping the vibes highly positive.
10. Big Competitive Guild's Masters.
"Oh why you're hiring guild master?" Nah, we don't hire the members. We hire the BIG Guild Masters. Why?
In the future we'll have International Events (HUGE) and we'll select few guilds from each countries and they will represent their countries. Well, to wrap it up, a magnificent huge project(s).
11. Servers. Yeah you read it correctly. A server to join venture. "If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far and long, walk together".

Moving forward,  /ok

What do we value the most?
A. Trustworthy.
B. Availabilities.
C. Communications.
D. Reliability.
E. Attitude.
F. Passion.

These are questions that might pops out when you're reading this;
"Oh I don't have experience as GM"
"Aw this seems a bit too hard for me"

Well let me say something, as long as we are willing to try, and giving out our best. The rest least matters.

Put in this way, a lazy person with talents vs a very committed person with less talents, Got the idea?
You never try you never know.

Having discord and communicate is a must thing and non-negotiable though.

Don't think too much and hit me up here:

Discord: Cliff#8888
Pm me on Ratemyserver
Email us: [email protected]

Guys, I'm only 5 seconds away.

Wait, you're still here? I don't see any Discord DM yet  /heh


UP for this post!

Discord: cliff8888 (Since Discord decided to remove hashtags) ^^


Hi! interested here in applying for being a SUBGM - All Round!

I can't find you on discord


Quote from: akoaydrummer on Mar 09, 2024, 11:21 PMHi! interested here in applying for being a SUBGM - All Round!

I can't find you on discord

My Discord ID:


Pretty sure you can find me! ^^