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Author Topic: What about the newbies? - RevivalRO's Never-ending Farce  (Read 807 times)

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Offline YuzurenaiNegai

I've been playing on this server since its release. Ups and downs happened, players come and go, but there is always this question  followed along with a whole load of drama from the majority of the players - "What about the newbies?"

That question might give innocent people the idea of GMs being unfriendly to newbies - but that's totally not the case here. If you're a player on this server you would notice that the ones who actually posted the WHAT ABOUT THE NEWBIES are old-time players who are ranting because some of the changes the staff made affected their farming lives or their PVP-WOE lives. What's more, these are people who refused to participate in the discussion about bugs as well as suggestions for improvement of the server. Their reason for not participating in the discussion - It's just for "people who love to argue" or GMs favorite. Yet they have all the time in the world to post on discord or in main chat ranting for hours and days about the same topic over and over again when the discussion thread had been opened for more than a month and none of them ever bothered to write as they are BUSY.

So what if they joined the discussion, here's what they are going to do: attack the people in there instead of actually writing down a valid reason why they are pro/against the idea. Another thing, they will ONLY post suggestions that personally benefit them as if it was their PERSONAL wishlist. On a side note, DONT YOU DARE GO AGAINST their suggestion or they will throw in a tantrum /omg

But wait there's more, these same people you see shouting WHAT ABOUT THE NEWBIES are also the same people who try to control the economy. They'll sell you premium points amounting to zeny with the highest possible they could squeeze out of you. They'll buy stuff from you for a very cheap price and sell you stuff at a higher price. Why not? It's RARE is what they will tell you. Also, don't you dare suggest anything or share any guide that could help the majority of the population to hunt down MVPs especially the custom ones. They are RARE so don't you dare do it otherwise they can't sell it for 3-digit or 4-digit creds (premium points). Don't share also the technique for soloing instances using alts. Who needs other people in party if you can bring your own army of alts to solo instances. Better yet use your alts to be your CCTV for timing and hunting MVPs. They are very busy people so you can't disturb them.

One more thing is that they don't bother reporting bugs ESPECIALLY those that they can abuse. Later on, they will complain about GMs not doing anything and IF they get caught abusing the bugs they will tell you "I forgot to report it" or "Why did you ban me? Show me proof" What's the best is that they will post on main chat that it's the fault of the GMs that's why the server population is declining, PLUS they threaten to leave the server. To add a cherry on top, they will post negative feedback on RMS.

How about WOE? Here's what you get "Aha! you 3PP me I use 3PP on you too!" /gg  When ban hammer strikes  /omg "Why did you ban me? Where is your proof that you saw me using 3PP? Give me your proof or else..." Then you see a load of trashtalks and more popcorns to be shared by everyone.

Later on you'll see people shouting WHY AM I BANNED? Guess what? RMT. Although you got a ton of warnings and even wiki to tell you the rules and all, you would still see people shouting here and there as to why they get banned for violating the rules.

Here comes the favorite of them all bug abusers and RMT people who got caught - AMNESTY event. This is the time you get to see forums alive. You see some people kissing GMs bums /kis2 /kis2 and those who just copy paste how SORRY they are for violating the rules.

Those are only some of the things you'll get to witness in this never-ending farce. You'll see people antagonizing GMs here and there and goodness gracious they are a bunch of good actors playing victim. On the other hand, there's only like 5%-10% of the population who actually care and act like decent human beings. Staff members are mostly seen as the enemies in this server. Players tend to forget that they are human beings and they are there to help the gaming experience be better.

CHANGES MADE ARE THERE. Players:  /wah  /pif  /omg  /an This is why when you play here you'll probably notice that there are barely any changes made, changes aren't welcome here. ONLY sales and events are welcome.

If you were a newbie to this server you'll probably go with the flow in order to survive. However, the question still hangs WHAT ABOUT THE NEWBIES? Is it really for the newbies or the old-time players who refuse to accept the changes. The sad part is there's a potential to grow, but changes aren't appreciated and welcomed.