Rockragnarok Jormungand banned players with false hackusation

Started by Ameliorate, Aug 24, 2021, 04:55 AM

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A bit background, this server is called Rockragnarok. It has 2 servers running: Jormungand - Mid rates, and Edda - High rates. Both server share the same settings, only different rates; and are run by Loki. This report is only for Jormungand. Jormungand is a sparse server, there was only WOE going on for 2 guilds - Meo and Canard.

The incident took place on 9th August 2021, in the middle of a WOE session, our guild received a mass ban by server admin - Loki, who accused us of using no delay hack/ cheat. We were also banned from the official server discord immediately.

I do this report on my own. My guild members have all moved on from this after they dropped their reviews on RMS (There was a surge of negative reviews around that time -
But the server owner still accused us of hacking/cheating (image below - server owner response), so I feel the need to write this report and I believe such behavior should not exist in the RO community.

The incident also involved Zer0 and Karut (former server testers, also now players from the opposite guild - Canard).

- Here are the pieces of evidence by Zer0 (ADM Loki never provides us with any proof for his hack accusation): (Dragon Breath using no delay cheat/hack according to Zer0) (no delay footage provided by Zer0, on World Boss, a PvE map)
- Video of Karut doing the exact same thing (Karut Acid is the Genetic doing Cart Cannon).

- Our proof of not using cheat/hack, the last 2 videos are from Edda players. (The Dragon Knight banned in the first video of Zer0) (live footage from this Dragon Knight) (Edda player) (Edda player with high ping)

With these videos, we can see that such spam can be achieved without any hack/cheat/3rd software involved.

(Not related) For more information inside the discord server.
Thanks for your reading.


RMS is not the server police.  I will move this topic to the appropriate section.   Sorry to hear about your experience.