Started by LuffyTRO, Dec 27, 2021, 07:37 PM

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GM will Mute you for NO REASON just for making 1 little mistake and saying sorry after it , but some player kept making a big deal after it  gm came in act like super man and muted me , Dude i dont hide in fake names u can see im Luffy but that thing u did there is bad administration power use ,  if i kept talking in the wrong chat or didnt apologize then yes its something muteable , but u got hurt because That player was ur friend and thats The REAL REASON U MUTE ME , the moment u muted me i got several pms  from other players asking me to review this act and thats why im here , SO the bottom of my review is this If u want to join a new server DONT join this one and do like me wasted over 3k usd to gear up for an unbalanced server that has untouchable players ! woe  is dead anyways.