Started by Ying, Jul 13, 2020, 06:34 PM

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After being silent in so long, now's my time to rant about this server. Been playing on and off for almost a year now.

Players - Some are helpful but most are toxic. You'll see the one who doesn't help the server by donating are the ones who are toxic. They QQ a lot to Game masters and because they know each other, they would not care about the problem and ban you immediately. (Talking about not being biased.) Also, they have their own tiers. Old players don't give s*** about new players and wouldn't let you in their party. 300 players and that's how they act. Seriously?? Lots of toxic Brazilians, Mexicans, Indos that thinks they own the whole server when they never touched the donation system to help the server. (Did i say that already?)

War of Emperium/Bg/PvP - What is that even?  /heh

Staff - Some are helpful " occationally ". If it's something that's a concern about your account or something they don't know, they would tell you to go DM the admin on discord that would take DAYS to respond. One GM named "Elek" got the job because he's one of the streamer's friend. (For server exposure) but doesn't really help with the population. Another new gm "Ashe" is a guild master on her player account and please, don't even get me started with this one. Lol. Just think about a guild master and a game master at the from SEA, i dont know if i need to say more? Apparently, she got the GM job by flirting Elek, and Elek likes Ashe so much but she don't, to make it short, she has been using him. I've heard stuff that she's been helping her friends and players from her guild with Recalling, Resurrecting, there's more to it. I wont focus on her on this one(Kamu tidak berguna). Also, they don't give warnings. They ban you immediately.

Weekly events/Quarterly/Server Events - Now this one is the deal breaker that broke the server. Weekly event gives drop bonus, exp bonus resulting to players waiting for it, instead of grind leveling and hunt gears on a normal day. They have this Quarterly event that makes rich old players more rich by getting MVP cards randomly. Somewhat like Old Card Album but with a chance of getting MVPs ranging between old ones and even MVP cards that are not even obtainable from the server itself. What a joke /heh

Server - Crashes from time to time. If the admin is sleeping or just slept and the server crashes, you would have to wait hours, heck, half a day. Seems like he's the only one who has access to his database resulting to players getting tired of the server hence the population and toxicity of players.

Message to Admin: Pick who to hire wisely, get players who you trust and step up your game. Hire another admin who knows stuff about Ragnarok. Stop thinking you can do everything by yourself when you cannot and get your balls out of your mouth. Oh and also, you're also full of s***  /no1


I can't find the part of you getting banned and the reason of why you got banned and then created this thread?

That Card Album event is from kRO. It Actually exists on official servers.

While the NPC's in SMRO are all over the place and it doesn't look like as if somebody put a lot of care into making the server look crisp, I still think this server is one of the best out there. I wish it was a bit more "kRO-like" without the ugly custom main town and so on.

"Stop thinking you can do everything by yourself"

the server is literally at 17.2 Sage Legacy. It pretty much looks like he can do all by himself, doesn't it?

The rest looks like drama to me, literally every server has these kind of idiots you described in your post. You will find those no matter where you go.


First of all, thanks for making my day - was a nice laugh so early in the morning <3

The amount of garbage in this post is amazing. You should consider becoming a writer, errr... no wait bad idea.

Message to you:
Get a brain or find someone that can actually use his.

Now let's get real... heres regarding the mental state of the person posting:
Obvious to tell that it's the same person and that he's literally harassing one of the GMs.

heres 2 different reviews

heres a little part from discord...

and here all posted messages from that person on discord:

[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: @Ashe someone told me ashe. are u really fat in real life?
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: like super big
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: just curious
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: i also heard she dont want to work and she is 30 something
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: wkwkwk
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: kek
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: parent dead, got insurance and got lazy to work
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: now she is poor
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: and all do is play computer
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: with fat heavy body kekek
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: @Ashe pliz me want answer
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: pliz i want know
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: if true
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: i want know if true if ashe fat and ugly kek
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: kek u not ashe
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: ashe bigger then u
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: she look like fiona from shrek
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: wkwkwkwk
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: i want know plz
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: some1 told me it true
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: dat she ist fat
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: i dont care abt u
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: i want know from fat girl
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: no because i think of ashe fat and ugly body and got turn off
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: sad
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: @Ashe fat girl
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: no i want here
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: is helheim
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: ok bye
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: now mind u business
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: mind u busyness
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: @Ashe ashe someone said to me u fat and insurance money from ur dead parent is running low
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: @Ashe please work and stop play games. u are 30 something
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: @Ashe i feel bad for u gurl
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: my name is towards ashe
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: kek
[ObeseAndDarkskinGirl#9108]: @Ashe hi obesity girl

Shining Moon Servers:
Helheim - kRO-like official gears. Max Level 200/70
Niflheim - jRO, iRO and kRO gears. Max Level 200/70