Started by LionheartJamie, Jan 27, 2012, 08:14 AM

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Okay, i was told i needed to add proof from my server as to the Accusation i made against DestinyRO, so here

Them are deleted Threads from NoNameRO forums, DestinyRO clearly had a user that came, logged onto various forums and posted, 'Tired of a Bad Server', Then underneath that he/she put No Corruption in Bold, implying that our server is corrupt. I am not the server owner of DestinyRO, i am just a Moderator, but this is unacceptable.


As always, this is not covered in our terms of services because any random people can do this. 

Moving to Rant and Rave.


Just because a player from DestinyRO is advertising on another server's forums isn't DestinyRO's fault. Players do that all the time. It's up to you to ban them etc. to keep them off your forum/server. Don't start making another server look bad just because a player is doing it out of their own intention.