Started by Lumi_, Mar 10, 2012, 01:57 PM

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So today I got banned on SevenRO for reporting BG cheaters, here's a screenshot:

Members of a single guild called High Society are using indoorrswtable.txt to remove fixed zoom in battlegrounds waiting room and join the chat in waiting room of 7vs7 KVM from a waiting room of 12vs12 KVM, that allows them to farm 7vs7 KVM all the time, contrary to rest of the players who have to wait a length of two-three other BG games due to entry delay.

So here's what happened when I tried reporting it:

GM Versus basically says that he doesn't care and not gonna do anything about it, and then:

That was right before woe, didn't want to dig deeper in case he mutes me for woe, I pm'd him right after that:

He says that he's not giving a damn about my reports, even though earlier I reported multiple bugs to him, including 2005 level bad hitlock which let you prevent an mvp from moving with just storm gust, that many guilds abused to kill high tier mvps, here's what he does right after this:

He jailed me and a second later banned me infinitely.

Sadly this is not the first time this happened, earlier around the server start, he banned majority of my guild for complaining about the server bugs and lack of updates to him, oh and calling one single guy a 'random' (literally), unfortunately I don't have any screenshots of this since I've deleted my SevenRO folder afterwards. What's more interesting, after a friend convinced me to come back, I pm'd him saying who I am, and he simply unbanned all my accounts on a whim.

Oh, also to be crystal clear I should mention that he temporarily banned me on server forums a few days earlier for saying "stfu you random" to one of my guildmembers in a jokingly manner.

That's about it, sorry for screenshotting with low quality textures, switched them for woe.


Oh Lumi why dont you ever learn from the mistakes? :(

You got muted for 15 minutes after you told one in your party this:

and you really didnt get muted from me but from genesis, since he got requested because your bad bad bad manners :(.

but you are right, we are well aware of your report since its already fixed and just needs some @reloadscript to exchange the whole 7vs7 room and prevent anyone to get behind the join cooldown/delay :).
but the things i said in the screenshot is really true, we dont really take your words that serious anymore. it has been 2 days where you told me that one of your guildmates "Emnity" has found out a way to get behind Harmony/Fenrir and can use WPE and 0delay. i asked you for the proof and you said to me where was a video which already got deleted. i thanked you for your request and said we will investigate that.
5 minutes later i got a whisper from enmity that you tried to troll me and send emnity all screenshots from the conversation and it was that MUCH funny! ^^ :). emnity really believed i would take your words about her serious and ban her for nothing and stuff. but like i told you in former days we dont see much from screenshots, if anyone reports a screenshot we check our logs since its not that difficult to photoshop a screenshot. Later on your Guildmaster also told me that you try to troll everyone and i shouldnt take you that serious anymore. so yeah basically other members from your guild also suggested just to ban you and let you out for woe and then ban again... kinda funny idea :D.

we have plenty of reasons to ban you. first of all you already got banned because of characternames like "Adolf Hitler", "Goebbelz" <<wrong spelling btw! and other things. dont forget the whole flames you let out in the forums and the whole broadcast abuses where you just flamed other guilds :/.

on top of that you really dont seem to get that its strictly forbidden to manipulate your grf in a way to use 0delay.

(ip is not shown at all. if yC wants to have any further confirmation that its him i can hand her out the ip in private)

your forum account also got banned because of your multiple flames against everyone after a long conversation your arguments were "stfu random"

your "friends" reaction indicated that he also dont understand any of your jokes.

but the last thing you pulled out now is the best. you got muted for 15 minutes because you flamed other people in bg party. and now you try to put it inside my shoes? if i dont want you to talk anymore i could just /ex you btw. same result less typing  since lazyness>all :P. but like you should already know, blackmailing is the last thing any GM likes. not on sevenro and not on all other ragnarok servers where you already got banned.

thats it for me i wont post anything else on this here. if this is the price to get rid of you i gladly pay it. even your own guildmates are relieved you are gone and just worried about the gear you borrowed from them.




I'm amused by the amount of stuff you made up in this post, I would like to see some proof of that emnity story, and me apparently having some nazi characters o_o because that's the first time I ever hear about this. Only .grf modifications I have ever used were different mob sprites and removed textures, almost everyone uses those I think (?), on top of that your server has two various anti cheat protections so I would assume that nodelay is rather impossible to use (?). The amount of mute time is different on the screenshots I provided, how can you explain this? Besides, are you saying that I got banned for trash talking with my guildmates in BG that somebody reported? lol.


what a pity gen gave you just 5 mins LOL i would give you 15-30. lucky! :)

so yeah basically no third program tool should get that easy between fenrir and harmony but you still tried it and thats also a rulebreaker since using them is forbidden.

but you really made me post here again congratulations

here are the screenshots with emnity / gibbe from just right now (sorry for the trashtalk :P):

those are the screenshots lumi gave her:

so i suggest some of the admins/mods here just close and delete the whole post here please since its obviously lie and trolling on his side...


I don't know that person, and still have no idea what you're talking about but pretty nice getting gibbe to do this (does the doubling foods he mentioned has anything to do with this?). I mean honestly, I know that there have been three reports on your server already, but if you choose to make your own server I would expect you to be at least mature enough not to make up evidence.


oh boy you will lose again...

since she already told me that she was watching this thread with your account, yC and Triper? can now easily indicate that you lied again and stuff :(

just to lie will get you nowhere, you are not that smart :)

please mods confirm that he recently had some ip from netherlands inside his acc, his own is from poland :)


Wow, wtf I seriously would appreciate mods confirming whether some other IP logged on my account, because that would mean that seven ro passwords aren't encrypted because my forum has the same password as ingame account. Seriously wtf dude, did you hack into my e mail as well?


Ohhh the drama, it begins again..


Quote from: Lumi_ on Mar 10, 2012, 06:26 PM
Wow, wtf I seriously would appreciate mods confirming whether some other IP logged on my account, because that would mean that seven ro passwords aren't encrypted because my forum has the same password as ingame account. Seriously wtf dude, did you hack into my e mail as well?
yC already resolved this with Lumi_
Personal data is not shared in public for obvious reasons but instead handled in private.
This is just a quick note to how some may think that Lumi_'s post was ignored.

On a sideways note because I'm seeing this to happen - Do not forget that RMS won't take sides on discussions as much as each mod/admin has. RMS is just a place[forum] to share info and discuss about it and if it's seen as a 100% truth we will accept it[points to Hall of Shame and Report Server Sections, for example] as the ones who want to believe on it.
This post is also a bit more informative and to remember that RMS don't have powers over servers so is just the "try to handle" stuff related to them thing as we can by being as helpful as much as possible to the community[like being a place where everybody can post info about this and that and do a brainstorm of ideas and points and get conclusions] but some things are just out of range.


I'm Emnity from the screenshots, I made an account because I want to clarify that while Lumi is a huge troll and generally quite annoying, Versus is truly a joke of an admin, I did not give consent to any of the screenshots of his conversation with me being posted and I feel getting lured into saying these exact things for his defense in this thread.
A few days ago he almost made my guild ragequit because he made some retarded accusation and deleted some of my items without doublechecking if it was actually true, which it was not (I will not get into detail of this incident because there is enough drama in this thread already), but this happens often.
Today he started pming me, being all friendly and offered me dinner in exchange for leaving my previous agitations to rest, then started asking me for things like screenshots of what Lumi had sent me.
I did not think he would use this as material to post here since I also run a server of another game, and admin to user confidentially is one of the most important aspects of managing a game or server that has a userbase, it's basically the same as posting user's passwords on a public forum.
You brought this upon yourself, Versus. Me and my guild grow increasingly tired of the fckups from your side, if you keep screwing up like this, you will have no guilds left on your server.
Also, feel free to IP-check this account to make sure it's actually me. I am from holland and thus have a dutch IP adress.


I can sort of believe what lumi is trying to say because my own experience on this server was not that great GM's we're rude Versus failed to handle any of my problems/friends problems with competence, also i feel like versus is trying to manipulate this in he's favor...*points at Emnity* also i'am pretty sure there is some corruption is it normal for a SinX to hit 150k with Sonic Blow?

Just my 2cence. (:


I just stopped laughing myself to death to post and resume my one way trip to hell after this.
First of all i have to say that there are more than enough reasons to ban (not jail, that would be lame) some players and I alrdy started to wonder why those guys are still playing here like this.
So here is what i know about you and your behaviour lumis:
If I remember correctly, Adolf Hitler and Goebbelz weren't the only names that are prohibited and that you used to feel "cool" and "funny". Instead you are making fun of a event that happened way back in the past and i would bet all of my belongings that some of your relatives had a hard time back then. This is something you rly shouldn't make fun of dude.
Also, SevenRO is not the first (and i swear by the love of all the god's i don't worship) and not the only server you got banned on for stuff like this. I heard your whole guild got banned von divinaRO?
There are some things you may do, and some things you certainly shouldn't do if you want to play a little bit longer than 1 1/2 - 2 months on a server. There is no GameMaster on this whole planet who'd ban a player who is nice to everyone, but you are the type of person who is socially seen "a pain in the a**".
To end this little book i've written alrdy: everyone I know is happy that you are gone, and some players suggested to ban you a few weeks before this happened and i think that you should be somewhat gratefull that you still had some time to waste on this server instead of growing up and stop acting like a 12 year old retard who just got back from watching history channel.

To be honest i didn't mean to be offensive to anyone but i got carried away thinking about this guy.


All I can say is that I honestly didn't expect that this topic to degrade into versus trying to make up proxy accounts to make himself look better, I have never heard of the Emnity person and ArxX, nor I have ever heard of "divinaRO". I'm still puzzled about the nazi thing, it's pretty personal info but I'm not only Polish but also half of my family is jewish so I'm quite offended by the fact that you're trying to make me look like a person who apparently jokes about people who got grand grandparents killed... judging from other topics you seem to pull the "nazi thing" on everyone as an easy excuse, I know that banning people on a whim isn't the smartest thing to get out from, but seriously, not cool bro.


All due respect, why play a server that treats you so wrongly? Makes no sense...
Xarale ~ As others have said, I do believe this topic is done now.  Therfore I shall be closing it, because I'm sexy.


Originally our guild decided that we've got to confront versus and talk with him because there's a lot of wrong things on the server, mainly bugs, and not the minor ones, but loads of serious ones that were actually easily abusable and gamebreaking (for example there were two custom quests that transformed you into monsters, by starting them in correct order it was possible to literally cancel your sprite which resulted in something like nodelay, or the hitlock I mentioned earlier), despite me reporting them all it took a lot of time to fix them, so during our talk with GM Versus, he suddenly decided that we complain too much and are no longer welcome on his server (honestly! Even though it happened almost two months ago I am still amazed, and can't believe this) and banned us all. Recently my friend who plays on SevenRO needed a hand in woe, and offered to give me a character to play on, I did agree because, whatever I just had to log in for woe and BG every once and a while, what's more once I logged in for the first time I told Versus who I was, and he unbanned all my accounts on a whim, even though I didn't ask him, and was just making sure that my friend's account won't get banned once I try using it, so I assumed he had changed and doesn't do sh^t like that anymore, guess I was wrong.


Well either they just don;t wanna hear it for reasons of thier own, be it maybe they made up thier minds they can't don't or won't trust your words, or whatever, I do not know. I was not thier, so I don;t know anything other then what both sides say, and we all know everybody sees things differently, everybody views things differently, and have different beliefs.
You have made your case here on RMS, as I have found out myself, no matter how hard you try to shove truth into peoples faces, what they wish to believe, is entirely up to them. Good luck to all of you.

Why Cant we all just be firends, get along and ORGY!! JOKESFTW
Xarale ~ As others have said, I do believe this topic is done now.  Therfore I shall be closing it, because I'm sexy.


If I get pissed off at admins (or worse get banned in a server), I just move on and look for another server to play in.  /wah

I mean, I wouldn't really spend time in writing an e-novel when I know for myself that I won't be able to do anything about it anyway. It's not like I can put the admin behind bars or something.  /hmm

[I admit that I have done my share of pointless ranting in the distant past but I kinda outgrew that thing,.] /swt