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Author Topic: Rockragnarok Jormungand banned players with false hackusation  (Read 3596 times)

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A bit background, this server is called Rockragnarok. It has 2 servers running: Jormungand - Mid rates, and Edda - High rates. Both server share the same settings, only different rates; and are run by Loki. This report is only for Jormungand. Jormungand is a sparse server, there was only WOE going on for 2 guilds - Meo and Canard.

The incident took place on 9th August 2021, in the middle of a WOE session, our guild received a mass ban by server admin - Loki, who accused us of using no delay hack/ cheat. We were also banned from the official server discord immediately.

I do this report on my own. My guild members have all moved on from this after they dropped their reviews on RMS (There was a surge of negative reviews around that time - https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=serverstat&serid=20384&url_sname=Jormungand%20Ragnarok%20Online&itv=1).
But the server owner still accused us of hacking/cheating (image below - server owner response), so I feel the need to write this report and I believe such behavior should not exist in the RO community.

The incident also involved Zer0 and Karut (former server testers, also now players from the opposite guild - Canard).

- Here are the pieces of evidence by Zer0 (ADM Loki never provides us with any proof for his hack accusation):
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvsNb17IgD0 (Dragon Breath using no delay cheat/hack according to Zer0)
https://youtu.be/UreM79QoOE8?t=53 (no delay footage provided by Zer0, on World Boss, a PvE map)
- Video of Karut doing the exact same thing
https://streamable.com/uat1sx (Karut Acid is the Genetic doing Cart Cannon).

- Our proof of not using cheat/hack, the last 2 videos are from Edda players.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBCtbDgt_Tc (The Dragon Knight banned in the first video of Zer0)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g10RIBnvKfI (live footage from this Dragon Knight)
https://youtu.be/SjGJXW9-IyM (Edda player)
https://youtu.be/vQ6TFLYIin4 (Edda player with high ping)

With these videos, we can see that such spam can be achieved without any hack/cheat/3rd software involved.

(Not related) For more information inside the discord server.
Thanks for your reading.


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Re: Rockragnarok Jormungand banned players with false hackusation
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RMS is not the server police.  I will move this topic to the appropriate section.   Sorry to hear about your experience.