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Author Topic: Ragnarok Project Zero: Honest Ads  (Read 9726 times)

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Re: Ragnarok Project Zero: Honest Ads
« Reply #15 on: Aug 12, 2021, 12:34 pm »
New batch of images and comments.

- After the previous image was made public, this one has been brought up to attention today in discord by a member.

 They haven't actually implemented the consumables and paid refining ores though, but they have changed the "cup of coffee" to "rent" though.

- Obvious fake reviews (not by the staff as far as I know, but by the server generally) where you can see GMs being rated 9/10 or 10/10 in everything, having the eventfulness of the community at similar levels and same for the class balance.

·Literally having 2 invasion events and 4 "go hunt mobs for 1 month, to get boxes/mats to craft boxes and get consumables/refine mats/costumes" in 1 year, and 3-4 attempts at pvp events organized by players but none of them succeding.

·Is the only WoE active guild splitting in 2 so WoE still happens considered an event? /hmm

^ Same guild that split in 2 because there was noone else to fight them.
(Also providing unlimited consumables to the MVP team of said guild)

·Almost 20% of the 2nd jobs in the server are knights (because they are the most OP classes in early and high end content), adding priests to that (for the almost required dual log in) its over 33% of the 2nd classes on just those 2. Wonder how that is 10/10 class balance.

·GMs/CMs literally ignore people for months:

·Same ignoring CM will also say there are no actual reports against a player:

·Call people liars for saying they did in fact report the player, and say the staff cant do anything unless someone is actually reported

·Then, when confronted with proof:

Just "having no idea what's going on there":

- Over 10 GMs burnt out in 1 year.

-The Admin being so out of touch with the server that he thinks a party (lvl 61-66) could actually try to lvl in magma 3

Or saying that the future of BGs looks bright:

At an early point of the server they decided to focus on PvP updates, thus delaying the PvE content.
- Current state of BGs:
· Every class gets the same amount of consumables -> Devo crusaders get 50 white potions, mages get no gems (and killing strike ninjas...),  noone gets green pots/panaceas
· No way for more than 8 people to join a BG (4v4)
· No auto requeue, CD after playing a round.
· Some skills like backslide work, some don't (arbitrarily, not just snap)
· No automatic party allocation so you have to remake every new game.
· No ASPD pots
·^ All that was given as input on the 03/06 or ealier.

· PvP updates delayed until further notice.
· BG channel created on 23/07, last time it was used is that same day

-The server was at 1k players, thanks to the lack of any kind of leadershipt it went down to this:

19 players (counting dual logins) + 69 autrotraders(and then claim that they have 132 players in the server)

-Gitlab. If you try to report a bug either in discord, in DMs or through email, you will be met with a "Did you gitlab it?" It just doesntt matter what it is.

·Is it just a small bug that makes a costume look bugged? Gitlab.
https://gitlab.com/ragnarok-project-zero/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/-/issues/684 (Last update 6 months ago)

·Is it a bug that makes characters have 2.6k more HP than in the original kROz server they are so "equal" to? Gitlab.
https://gitlab.com/ragnarok-project-zero/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/-/issues/748 (Last update 5 months ago)

·Is it a suggestion to add an options filter to the CP? (When that is 90% of what matters in a Zero server) Gitlab.
https://gitlab.com/ragnarok-project-zero/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/-/issues/565 (Scoped 8 months ago, not even an answer)

·Is it adding a simple bulk/to safe limit refiner? Gitlab.
https://gitlab.com/ragnarok-project-zero/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/-/issues/699 (Created 6 months ago, tagged and nothing else)

·Or is it actually a build killing bug about cards like Raydric and thara affecting traps when they should not? Git. Lab.
https://gitlab.com/ragnarok-project-zero/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/-/issues/718  (Tagged 5 months ago, nothing else done)

So players just dont bother reporting things because, 1: People shouldn't have to jump through hoops to report things. 2: Its usually ignored.

The main reason old players haven't left is because of the sunk cost fallacy, they have already invested too much time grinding there.

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Offline disqualify

Re: Ragnarok Project Zero: Honest Ads
« Reply #16 on: Aug 15, 2021, 10:12 am »
well yeah, this is are a dead server...
what to expect ?
NONE of the GM are there for their players..
they didnt react to any report from NORMAL players..
they ONLY react to TOP DONATOR players..  /heh /heh

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Re: Ragnarok Project Zero: Honest Ads
« Reply #17 on: Aug 15, 2021, 05:04 pm »
Can't speak for the rest, but... using donation money for rent seems like a really weird complaint lol. If he's using donation money to quit his job and work on the server like the screenshot says... that's pretty much the same as hiring a member of staff to develop the server, ain't it? Paying for basic human amenities with your salary is the least offensive thing you could do. Not like he's out buying golden studded toilet seats, lol.

Whether the work is being done or not sounds like another question, though...
Current Server(s):
None ;-;

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Re: Ragnarok Project Zero: Honest Ads
« Reply #18 on: Aug 16, 2021, 03:17 am »
The rent part is really just a stretch lol

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Re: Ragnarok Project Zero: Honest Ads
« Reply #19 on: Oct 17, 2021, 04:11 am »
Images from one of the discord with part of the few players left in the server.

2 months go by, still nothing new, less people in the server and still the same toxicity.

Programmers literally trying to help the server by coding even just simple scripts that could help the owner/main developer take a load off their shoulders but they just wont accept the help.

So much for the new world boss that was so fun and would make people party up.

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Re: Ragnarok Project Zero: Honest Ads
« Reply #20 on: Oct 17, 2021, 04:50 pm »
What is purpose of screenshots?