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Author Topic: Rant and Rave Sectional Guidelines  (Read 36541 times)

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Rant and Rave Sectional Guidelines
« on: Mar 06, 2010, 12:34 am »
This section is a lighter version of the Hall of Shame section.  It aims to discuss negative player experiences or doubtful practice found on servers.  The RMS culture of "proof or it doesn't exist" does not apply in this section.  Members of the community are expected analyze and give opinion on the topic rather than ask for proof.  Topic in this section has a chance to be moved to the Hall of Shame section when situation allows it.

- http://forum.ratemyserver.net/announcements/global-forum-rules/

In addition:

- Proof to support your claim is recommended but not required
- Your report in this section is nothing more than to warn others about the practice of the server or player in discussion
- Your report in this section will not be an official report to ratemyserver.net
- If you are reporting a violation to our site's Terms of Services, you may report it in the SERVER REPORTS SECTION

Example of topics:

- Other server advertising in your server or in your server's forum
- Server or GM doubtful practice
- You are banned for whatever reason you think is unjustified
- etc ...
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