Ragnarok Travels.. (Quitting)

Started by XiaoLuLu, Jan 13, 2022, 06:51 PM

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Sad i have a lvl95 knight lvl95blacksmith and lvl97 wizard here..

Starting not sure about the GM banning ppl that ask other player to play at other server or play other server? not sure even if the guy only talks about it in guild discord or privately pms.. rumours even say he plays in other server disguised or only purely from ppl reporting to him.. 1 thing for sure most ppl got their password changed after playing at other ro server..

And then with the GM Rii..
This GM implements weird and ridiculous things in discord before.. requiring ppl to write something every few weeks in general to open every other sub in discord.. and prohibits ppl writing words like . a etc.. Alot ppl have a problem with it back in the days.. I dont know how to add pictures in. so..
to add this Rii is playing the game too and is a guildmaster of a guild.. but unsure their strength in game.. but i think they aren't 1 of the strongest if not wrong..

XiaoLuLu — 08/03/2021
hmm r u ok with rii banning me from discord because she wants people to write a genuine msg in general to get active?
i tried writing a and delete it but didnt work and she wants user to write something genuine and not spam general?

Lord J — 08/03/2021
When did this happen?

XiaoLuLu — 08/03/2021
just now

Lord J — 08/03/2021
If you can't think of what to say a simple greeting works. It doesn't matter as long as it's English.

XiaoLuLu — 08/03/2021
i just wrote a
come on u really want to force ppl to write something
and after the msg is deleted
it puts u back to inactive

Lord J — 08/03/2021
One aspect of Ragnarok Travels is fostering a social environment.

XiaoLuLu — 08/03/2021
so if i dont want to foster this is banning me the way to go?
r u trying to foster a fake social environment?
im fostering a social environment with my clanmates

Lord J — 08/03/2021
We want players who benefit from the Discord to contribute to it.

XiaoLuLu — 08/03/2021
and i want to foster a social environment in the trade channel
so you want ppl to type Hi in the general is ok?
what msg you want ppl to type
that is not considered a spam
i considered Hi a spam too.

Before that there is this No God Item thing implemented.. but he decided to remove it =/ joined because of "No God Item"..

Continuing to a guy named tyro getting banned from him.. trying to ask LordJ and tyro why but non can answer.. Apparently tyro when to Oathro and only asked 1 person if he want to join him there.. and bam.. perma banned.. I lend him a +10 pike with 4 mino card and a fireblend.. end up LordJ only gave me 4 mino card back after 2 months.. below are the conversation..

Kyro Part: (Lord J did not give an answer on why he banned him in seperate chat)
XiaoLuLu — 10/16/2021
= ='' wat the guy name

kyro — 10/16/2021
Dude i dont want to give the small details

XiaoLuLu — 10/16/2021
fk tat guy maybe a traitor man u got digged in
wtf u already got banned

kyro — 10/16/2021
nah i think i read loggs

XiaoLuLu — 10/16/2021
tell me who the fk tat guy is and wat server u played

kyro — 10/16/2021
he didnt report me and  ive already talked to him
i know he read logs

XiaoLuLu — 10/16/2021

kyro — 10/16/2021
theres no way he knows except reading people PMs

XiaoLuLu — 10/16/2021
u sure only 1?

kyro — 10/16/2021
yes i PM one dude about it

XiaoLuLu — 10/16/2021
only pm?

kyro — 10/16/2021

My Part:
XiaoLuLu — 07/27/2021
hmm i want to ask will u take action if someone borrows item but refuse to give it back?

Lord J — 07/29/2021
Do you have more context?

XiaoLuLu — 07/29/2021
nah i just want to lend some items out to help new comers but scare not getting it back
not yet happened
just want assurance ill get it back if i lend it out with ss or something

Lord J — 07/29/2021
Feel free. If you can provide in-game screenshots I will help if needed.

XiaoLuLu — 07/29/2021
ok ty

XiaoLuLu — 10/16/2021
erm - -'' i lend my +10 4x titan pike and fireblend to kyro..
can i even get those back???

XiaoLuLu — 10/16/2021

Lord J — 10/16/2021
Yup I'll restore your items.

XiaoLuLu — 10/16/2021

XiaoLuLu — 10/21/2021
erm may i know when will the items be restored?

Lord J — 10/22/2021
They'll be restored during the next maintenance.

XiaoLuLu — 10/22/2021
alright ty

XiaoLuLu — 12/07/2021
gm my pike and fireblend :V

XiaoLuLu — 12/07/2021

Lord J — 12/09/2021
Just want to confirm that he gave you nothing in exchange. Is that true?

XiaoLuLu — 12/09/2021
yes for those 2 item
orc warrior card i exchange for his mino card
there is no way im selling or trading that 4x mino +10 pike..
he got nothing to trade with me for that too - -''
i made that pike long ago u can ask some old players..
wait let me pull the chat with him.

Lord J — 12/10/2021
What was the Orc Warrior card for?

XiaoLuLu — 12/10/2021
i traded for his mino card
so tat not count
only the fireblend and the pike
that time he was farming at mino
orc warrior card+tat pike will boost him at that map
i use tat pike to pierce khalizburg then i made +7 broad sword
ill need the pike when i transcend
for now i just use the 2 hand swords
cause i dont have much shields

Lord J — 12/10/2021
I've confirmed this in the logs, so I'll restore your Fireblend and the Pike. However there is no way for me to restore an upgraded weapon.

Well ended up i only got 4x mino card and no pike and fireblend..

Then just today a guy named Tarahen got permabanned for trying to help in support but having conflicting ideas with the GM Rii.. and i also lend him some equips =/.. guess my +7 buckler going to +0 now.. conversation shown in attachment below(which only can be viewed by logging in..)

Permabanning for such trivial matter is just too much a punishment to give..

Maybe its to purge all the oldies that is too powerful for the newbloods.. Just a headsup to anyone wanting to join Ragnarok Travels..

Nothing is edited and are genuine here..

Ill add about the other guy accusing I want the items back.. The matter in fact this is so ridiculous I dont even care about it and just quitted.. You didnt even mention I shrug off having only partial stuff given back from the tyro case after 2 months and even after he said he will restore my items but after 2 months after I request about it he still goes on on something else questioning the integrity.. All up there depends if you want to read or not.. Ill also do a server review like that guy here so its a real "server review" although part of the gaming is in the discord as there is no world chat in game, all info of change, party, market all in the discord and the "server admin" wants his discord to be lively.

Travels although have almost no downtime there is definitely there are random times where suddenly it became very laggy enough to deter me from doing MVP in fear of dying.. But having playing in Asia most of the time, you just gets accustomed with it and do it anyway although some deads are fustrating. Occurs practically everyday or 2.. But because maybe I'm from Asia and far from the server that is located in the US. The Alternative boost server that is publicize to improve ping for players abroad is even worse than the original one imo as its makes u like accelerate for the first 5 second then suddenly pause for 1.. very weird.

Well the only Events you will get is item drop 25% increase.. Other than the Christmas theme with Antonio in some spots in dungeons after some time that drop a stocking which u need 5 to trade for a gift box at lutie accompany with santa porings in beginner maps.

The server characters and mvp have the final skills of the patch which is good imo but no one have a MVP card yet possibly disabled by the GM unannounced unknown when it will be activated back. Only miniboss card drops like mastering, vocal, dragonfly, angeling drop.. As I possibly killed most of the angeling I didnt get a card from it, while it had dropped 4 to other ppl so far. Zero custom is not the case as there was a time when fly wing cost 500z and teleport cost 100sp once before.. but reverted back sometime later after some veterans rage quitted even after many oppose such idea.
Got to say having nothing going on is the reason I stayed for so long even after some setbacks until the final blowup.

Staff were good last time when I am new.. but changed as shown in chat above.. Not gonna comment on this one as I cant be sure what their thoughts are.

Community is as usual some good some bad some cunning.. As a dictatorish setup, if the leader is good its good, if its bad its bad.. Although the iron fist had not landed on you, that doesnt mean injustice did not happen elsewhere. Judge by yourself what the evidence portray. Getting "permanbanned" in game with your year long hardwork for disagreeing with the staff is just too ridiculous imo.

Login reward system
Nothing much to comment here, just a gimmick to increase the power of new players for the upcoming woe when there is a small influx of new players by giving away a xp book everyday.


This isn't a server review... it's a whine. Travels is great, probably the best.

From your screenshots looks like he started it...


Communication with the GMs affects the gameplay and it's definitely a review not a whine. I am the victim of the outcome and Travels definitely not great for me and dont even touch on about being the best. GM was always online and talking to other ppl and replying in discord but refrain from answering my dm's for so long is really frustrating as a player. If you are ok with whats happening with the conversation above.. I guess ragnarok travels will be an ok server for you.


This is definitely more of a rant rather than review, OP wrote only about server's Discord and nothing about the server itself. Out of mild curiosity I tried to look up the conversation between Tarahen and Rii and looks like it's all gone (the message from Ice 아이스 is still there) - someone deleted those messages or the conversation was fabricated by the OP but I'd consider the former to be way more likely.


Always trouble with Lord J and his squad but people keep trying to defend and protect him when there's literally no reasonable explanation for his doings. It's his server. If you play on it, he is one the deciding when and where and for how lon you are going to play. He is the Autocrat on top, you are nothing so don't complain. People gave up long time ago to fight this guy who keeps writing fake reviews or marks every negative review with "this play got banned today for xxxx". He said that to my review too and i still have all access to my accounts. Just dont interact with this guy and he will let you play lmao
Sorry for your losses XiaoLuLu, but everyone should know by now what kind of server that is


It's really sad.  I enjoyed this server quite a bit, it was the first time I trans'd on a 1x server.  Had a bunch of people helping me and everything. 

I know people say the discord isn't the game, but its the social meeting place for the server.  Its where all our trades are listed and where public parties are formed.  Its very much part of the server.

I had fun here for the last 4 months, but the admin behaviors are really off-base.  I've tried to give as much leeway as possible.  I don't think either of the admin have much experience at all managing a community, and there seems to be a cultural barrier with one that causes issues.  I've kept my mouth shut about for a while now, and I fear the server is about to implode.

The thing is with RO,  no man is an island.  While I didn't play much with Xaio,  I bought some gear from him.  He was a core member of the community.  He farmed a lot of MVPs for us, and he is the sole reason why many players ever have fireblends or moonlight daggers.  And he sold all those items at very reasonable prices.

Then Tarahen. He was another important member of the community.  He handled most of the forging.  Hell, a big reason I even pushed to trans as hard as I did was to help his crafting and others on the server.

A good chunk of people I played with are just.. gone now.  Either banned from an ego trip or just tired of the behavior.  Like banning on discord one of the people who referred probably the most players to the server over a snarky comment.  That player spent time on the general chat helping new players just getting removed for literally nothing. 

The whole situation is just stupid.  There was no one cheating.  No exploits.  No one really causing problems within the community.  But a bruised ego severely damaging the entire community. 


If xiaolulu the cat torturer decided to leave travels, then you know its a problem lmao.


There are a lot of threads on the forums about the problems with the mentality and the behaviour of that servers Admin. He's not a normal person that you can just get along with over a long period of time. Things are bound to happen and it's kind of your own fault for not double checking the history, before deciding to commit a lot of time time playing there honestly. But yeah it sucks having all your work wasted. Good luck finding another server.
I am not associated with NovaRO.


It is honestly amazing that RMS staff is still willing to remove falsely reported reviews left on this server. But I guess there has to be one toxic sys pool kept alive for those that like 1x drama.


So wheres the actual review? This is petty drama and it sucks a banned player had your items but what can you do. He was practically begging for that ban so I dont see the controversy. Rule #1 of game servers is dont diss the mods

I havent had any problems with the admin at all and hes even gone out of his way to help me and my friends


The server is great but they need to get rid of that moderator Rii, is litterally the worst thing in this server and it has been proven multiple times that not only she is incompetent she also is very rude to the players or just deletes their messages for no reason.

I told J that this moderator was going to cause him more problems and he did not listen and here it is once again I am being proven right.

Once again, Travels is a great server and can be enjoyed but if this Rii moderator keeps a position on the staff it will keep causing problems to the players she needs to go.


Yea.. but looking at how lordJ defended her.. Both are the problem now..


Quote from: XiaoLuLu on Jan 14, 2022, 07:32 PM
Yea.. but looking at how lordJ defended her.. Both are the problem now..

Yeah this is not the first time and I genuinely belive she is his girlfriend or something and I actually have asked him this and I think he denied it but it does show that he is letting her do whatever she wants and that is wrong, this is affecting his server and the people there, I myself have been victim of hers and had to leave discord, then after talking to J he banned me from discord anyways no matter how much I demonstrated that Rii was wrong in her attitude and what she did to me, I told him that she will cause him a lot more troubles and what do you know? I was right.

I genuinely like the server and I think J is a good administrator but right now he is blinded by this woman, he needs to break the spell, if you are reading this dude, break the spell! I don't want this server to go down like Retro, the server is growing you need to step up and do the right thing, remove that person from the staff.


Ive had 0 issues with Rii. She's a really nice person and goes out of her way to help people. You're clearly upset she punished you. ^


Quote from: Jungfrau on Jan 14, 2022, 09:54 PM
Ive had 0 issues with Rii. She's a really nice person and goes out of her way to help people. You're clearly upset she punished you. ^

No she is not nice as proven by the screenshots already provided by the creator of the post, she is a moderator she has no business attacking people in a passive agressive manner like she is doing on that conversation, she is supposedly there to moderate no to inflame situations like she has done multiple times.

Here is another example, a dude that had just joined the server was talking on general and the dude made a comment that was clearly showing he was insecure about selling some stuff or something and is a pretty innocent comment and look how this... "moderator" responds:

This person is bad for the server.