Eldritch RO - what one should expect

Started by notlikethat, May 24, 2022, 11:29 AM

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Lungo is so dumb he doesn't know how to write the word "decisions", nor "rightfully". He managed to write "desicions" every time he tried. Gotta try a little harder, buddy.

I'll give you the benefit of one answer and no more than that, cause you're just so stupid and not worth my time.

It's funny when you write "Here is the pic of him saying *there is not going to be any wipes*:" and then you post a picture of me saying exactly: "I'll always be attentive to how the community develops and make decisions based on fairness and balance. When the time is right, I'll ask the playerbase to decide if we should have a poll to decide on that." And that's what I did.

Can't you even interpret English correctly?. Go do some reading before you wanna write something. Also you called Amber a "Turd" without her doing anything to you?

Just saw your signature. "Avoid RetRO like the plague". Hmm, you sure sound like the person whose opinion should be taken into account. Uhum.

I wonder if you got banned in retRO?  /heh

I love our community. We thrive because people like you are NOT welcome there. You suck. Call me whatever you want, I know your kind too well.

The advice for you here is, first try learning some English. Then maybe google for "how to make an RO server". Do that if you don't like the servers that are out there. I made mine, and I'm certainly not forcing anyone to play there. Just don't keep being a hateful loser that goes from one server to another, being toxic and getting banned then sh*tposting the server or the admin and joining other banned people's sorrows. Grow up baby man.

But I guess I am expecting too much from you.

PS.: I do edit and I don't hide that from anyone. That's cause I'm always aiming to improve. Maybe try using the tools that the platform provide. It's just so stupid of you to think this is a real argument.

Again, I know your kind. You're nothing but a troll.

Next step is for you to use all your anger and that tiny little brain of yours in an attempt of what you think would be "exposing" me? lmao. Get a life dude.

PPS.: I just saw there is someone called "Randgriz" visualizing this topic. Somebody created a fake account 2 days ago to try to impersonate me xD. Yeah, that was expected already.

PPPS.: This post is an opportunity for all the lifeless losers and RO haters to show their true selves. If you're one of those, join the sh*t train rant and show us what you've got.

I've already wasted too much time with these trolls.



Place holder. Disclosed message.


I don't have anything to add, just read how the guy expresses himself and you will understand how this guy shouldn't be a server administrator.


Place holder. Disclosed message.



I've been playing on that server for two weeks now and I was there when Ellios got banned. However, I do not know anything about OP since it all happened before I joined the server.

Yes, the GM isn't perfect, but he's a good guy. He tends to lose his self control when his community members are getting bullied and that's something I'm sure he's gonna work out eventually.

Anyway, I'd appreciate if OP would stop messaging me on the game, trying to make me "quit this trash server" then blackmailing me with screenshots of *private* conversations I had with PrincessProntera. (which I shared with the GM so nothing would get used out of it's context like that snake wanted to ... too bad!)


When I learned about Princess's ban, I confronted the GM on discord about it and realised the ban was justified based on what I read on this post. Now that I also know about our conversations she shared with OP, I'm confident the GM had all the reasons to ban her. I usually don't take precautions when talking to people but, thanks to you, I guess I will have to ... you just can't trust strangers, right?

TLDR : A lot of toxic people got banned and are now butthurts and trying to sabotage the community. Y'all should get a hobby, really. If all you're doing with your free time is pm'ing people to try and convince them (poorly) to quit a server you're not even involved with anymore, that's quite concerning.

Edit : Notlikethat posted while I was writing my post ... thank you for admitting you're the one who pmed me IG, showing to everyone how "high" you're flying.  /heh

Those messages were posted the day Ellios got banned, btw. I'm still on the server and an active player. Turns out people tend to be wrong ... we're all humans. Do me a favor and post the whole conversation so everyone can see I had no wrong feelings about anyone, was just trying to understand what happened. /no1

To those who are just passing by : visit the server and make your own opinion!

I'm going back to the grind, wasted enough of my time with OP already.  /hmm