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Started by wellyeahbutno, Mar 26, 2021, 05:16 PM

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Welcome to Ragnarok: Project Zero, where you can relive your gaming teen experience in a way that's kinda different but not really. Our staff team is ever growing, even though we are taking them straight from the actual players which is 100% definitely neither corrupt nor collude.

Playerbase is very great, even though we recently saw the biggest exodus ever overnight

but that's okay, their opinions don't matter, and you still have remaining 30% of the population which is completely not toxic like at all! For real, not toxic (enough, according to the CM)

so you better bring your best! Because our army of SJWs will crush all the evil (and probably honestly clueless players) in our server with passive agressiveness and memes. And if you have any issues, Gitlab it. Don't even talk to us until then. We'll look into it 2 months later, after you're probably not playing in our server anymore.

Well don't look at me that way, this server has bugs! All server has bugs, right? It's a given so suck it up!

Recently our database center explodes but you probably shouldn't worry too much. Instead, here's Satan Morroc orgy for you in a crowded city full of vendors! Yes, you do need Events that much don't you?

We artificially deprive you of any actual Event little by little so you can be wowed easily by anything that we throw at you. Heck, even attack of King Poring from Poring Village might hype you up at this point! What's that? Autovendors now littering the street because of it? Gitlab it, we'll clean it up 2 months later.

You want us to work faster? Sure, here's some of the costumes you can buy, totally not forcing anyone to buy anything, but definitely will be faster after you buy couple dozens of it. 100% Not buggy

You're disturbed by it? I don't see any problem. Oh you see a problem? Well why didn't you Gitlab it on the first place?

All things aside, come join us! Well more specifically, ask Steph to invite you to SideQuest guild, because s/he is the CM and plays WoE, so good luck in any other guild because we will ban your donkey faster than you can think of the word 'macarena' if you're starting to catch up.

BUT WHO CAAARES? We know what you really want, no no no not those +9 equips; COSTUMES! And boy do we make good costumes so you'll be tempted to buy

oh wait..

AAANYWAYS do play at our server, where we will ensure your progress won't get wiped out forever (at least if you behave and do what we say). Come now or never, because who knows what will happen next month? See you guys, our unique community awaits!


I hope you macroed this whole topic as much as you were openly macroing woe to eat that ban.

Otherwise that's a lot of effort and salt over getting nuked for cheating bro


Project Zero

- biggest exodus overnight
Recently there's been a lot of concerns about macros being used in woe (which is clearly against the TOS). The staff have been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to be able to detect and enforce the tos against macro users. This goes much further than simply looking at videos and replays. The guild in the picture (along with all their alts) chose to leave because the leader was macroing openly on stream (and confirmed elsewhere by us), as well as passing the macro around in his guild discord.
We feel no shame in banning cheaters.
- Community toxicity
All communities carry a degree of toxicity when war of emperium is involved. Discord is a cast paced atmosphere and we are constantly urging users to report when things go too far. The screenshot in question was a report against a player calling a costume "common" and advertising other costumes. While this doesn't really qualify as "toxic" it is still ill mannered and was removed regardless.
- Gitlab
Community Managers and GMs don't code the game, developers do. They stay uninvolved from the community in order to focus on putting forward their best work. CMs and GMs do pass on ideas or concerns, but it is much better and easier for everyone to have everything documented on the gitlab where the developers can work through it systematically - rather than trawling through long discord conversations. It should be seen as a benefit for the players to be able to post directly for the devs to read, than worry about their concerns or ideas being lost in translation when passed from GM/CM to dev.
- Database explosion
That was completely out of our hands. Sorry that you didn't find our fire themed event fun while nobody could patch or get past the launcher due to the fire, which was done while the devs worked to transfer game related data and systems so that the data center fire had a minimal impact. (Read more about OVH Data center fire)
- water effect bug
this bug was inherited from kRO (until very recently) and affects many other monsters. We are already working to release a fix as soon as possible.
-The invasion was in Prontera, which was properly cleaned up.
The posted image is from Izlude, where  vending zones were not enforced


Well hello there CM Munin and CM Nyx!

I mean.. at this point you've probably f*** up big time so I'm just helping you as a player. Wait for more, I still have lots of it!


Hello once again, fellow PZ players and prospectives alike, last time we made advertisement here and after talking to our team, they are not satisfied with it and we were heavily criticized, so allow us to repent by helping you on some cases. We do have several new CMs, namely CM Bacchus and CM Kai, but for some reason they are doing nothing to help.. let's check what are they doing actually..

..uhh Deleted Users are DEFINITELY not them. Maybe they're busy doing.. DEVELOPMENT STUFF, yeah that must be it!

Okay like we said before, We have pooled all your questions and found that in most cases you're asking about how much player we're currently having.

Our staff (not the developers because they probably get only bare minimum living allowance from us) are very busy wasting your donation money on probably booze and drugs, but now let's help you get the bigger picture

As far as we can remember, it's about 1000 players couple months ago. But upon checking further, turns out we're off by juust a bit. Still definitely 100% healthy number though, definitely not a sign of failing server (but seriously, don't open below if you have weak heart)

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

It's quite a number, and we've designed it to our best interest to show to you that 'everything is fine' with this numbers. What's that, you want to know more? Oh well.. let me explain it slowly, I'll wait for you to grab a cup of tea and some biscuits.

Our control panel is designed in a very sophisticated manner, very honest and clear, and definitely self-made and not copying from other server.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

You're confused about what's all this means? Well usually we'll say something like Gitlab it, but today is Sunday and I'm feeling generous so I will help you. I'm not really good at maths, but luckily my fellow at SideQuest here helps me great deal. Cheers mate.

To safe you from the eyesore, I've done the head count and there's at least 80 characters there. That means on average, 1 Master account will have about 8 characters (which is far less than the actual average and discounting the merchants, but I'm giving the benefit of the doubt here).

So when the next time you see a number in CP, you will know the true player count which you desperately asked for yourself! For example in the picture above there are 156 'players' logged in, that means in actuality there are 156 / 8 = ~20 people who plays those multiple accounts! Easy right? After all, we're very honest.

So please please please join us! And we will protect you from the toxicity, unless if you have your own opinion or you play fishy, then you're not welcome here and ban worthy. Here's a meme from our community to the likes of you

Hey, chill, we're just following the guidelines here, it's in the forum anyway

Quote from: crysiscore3 on Sep 22, 2011, 04:43 PM
How to make a failed RO PServer

Step Thirteen
Ban the people who play

Well, maybe the reason your community isn't growing is because the few people who actually play on your server are a bunch of cheaters, or jerks! Ban them. Make up silly rules that you don't post anywhere. Ask your cousin who only knows Python to mess with the client and make an "anti-hack" system.

Okay seriously, see you in the server! We do believe that this server will be around for at least another 100 years to come, so hop on in and buy our pixellated mess that you can attach to your character $5 a pop! Character bound by the way


I only play Zero casually, but I've been watching the woe scene (thank you for your streams, they encouraged me to take part - and these streams and videos are the only reason I've been following your thread!)

but I couldn't help notice this gem


Where at the start 5mins in you're like "I didn't macro"

and then at 11 mins you're like

"Anyway here are my macros"

So like they banned a cheater and that makes me happy. kthxbai

by the way, I downloaded the vod so don't bother deleting.


Make a sarcastically thread about how the server being toxic, can't sell cash shop items for fast zeny, horrible gm's and banning players. Then he get himself banned for Macro cheating.  That's some big yikes.

So like they banned a cheater and that makes me happy. kthxbai


Oh so you're thinking I'm him? No no no siree.. I'm just an honest player played in your server, and had a genuinely good time until I saw your bad sides. It's sad it has to come to this, but just wait for it, I still have some more for you guys. Meanwhile please keep posting in your Discord channel so I can share it here (well not in #streams-and-youtube, that channel is dead anyway).

I'm not defending anyone, I'm just sharing truth so others won't fall to the same s***hole. Do say otherwise if you think I'm lying. Have a nice week!


I'm laughing hard that those 2 guys above you confidently pointing at the wrong person lol /heh
Can't wait for another "good sides" of this server!


Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, today is going to be my final honest ads for this not toxic server for some while. Good Friday is coming and I have to prepare to pray like a good boy I am.

Are you an entitled 30 year old dude whose teen life has been exposed by RO one time too many?

Do you have the insatiable urge to do good things in internet and answering all the questions out there with memes?

Are you having the wish of playing in a server where 90% of the staff is/the friend of the biggest guild in the server?

Then dive in to Ragnarok: Project SideQuest Zero! Get ready to experience the new zero mechanics because you hate Rune Knights and Gravity, but somehow wants a Knight with damage output of RKs. Experience hunting incentives like you've never before, because you'll be skill spammed in the city anyway that makes you feel uncomfortable to even stop farming for a second

You can also choose the conventional route of leveling which is alt leveling, and brace yourself for 2 hour long of waiting then realized that you've been left behind by your 'party' because you're not their friend

Then after countless hours of grinding that you have poured and sacrificing your family on the process, you are able to grasp the true essence of Project Zero gameplay: Lack of Content

Be prepared to make dozens of alts to grind weeks for your equipment, killing porings like a clockwork. Or probably just AFK in instance like the rest of them, which I don't blame because it's straight boring and you're kinda forced to

Experience the events, which lasts 2 months longer than it should be, and get ready to feel the hype slowly dying away as the voice in your head whispers softly 'this sucks'

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

And totally realize that this server has so little content, that even Earth Deleter and Sky Deleter makes you happy as if it's a new, original content.

Then after all this realization, despair once more as you have only 2 options to continue playing

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Or you can choose option 2

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

So what are you waiting for? If you dig all of this, then this is exactly the server for you! Come and join us now for you to probably quit playing 1 week from now! You've been warned!

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.


Or you mean the 6 months beta doesn't get wiped?


Quote from: vohoangquan1996 on Mar 31, 2021, 12:26 PM
Or you mean the 6 months beta doesn't get wiped?

oh yeah, also this. You can ask relatively veteran player and will find out that items/zeny gained during closed beta (which has bugs and exploits all over the place due to the nature of this server) doesn't get wiped. So, good luck for you new players trying to play here somehow, for whatever reasons.


Me and my friends were planning to play on this server, I'm glad I saw this honest ad first /??


I have plenty of proof that the community of this server is toxic AF, it is a shame because the server itself is fine but the community is so bad... the toxic community is also friends with the server administrators/gms so they actually have special treatment, this people can bully someone for days just because he points some fact like: Knights are completely OP broken on Zero or that the refine system needs a rework and you will not see the end of it and the server administrators allow this toxic people to dump on you like it's nothing but if you respond to them you will be banned or something.


The issue I have with the server is first the community and the fact that knights are completely broken, all you have to do is check their population numbers and most people are playing knight and yet this community gets really offended if you say that, I wouldn't surprise me if they act like that because they are using the OP knights to engage in RMT or some shaddy stuff.


Posting this cause apparently its not ok to post it in the server discord, and reviews are not allowed to have images in them.

When asked about why it was deleted CM confirmed it is "cause it's no one's business what the server owner does with the money?"

When prompted  multiple times to get any kind of ads for the server, the answer has always been "Too much money is needed for them to be of any effect".