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Author Topic: CapeRO's CoinHive Javascript: Using its players to mine cryptocurrency  (Read 4509 times)

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Offline Parachute

Thanks for the advice, I will make contacts with anti-malware companies. I have deleted all other files except Forums and cleaned it up. Only issue would be the one you posted above about the warning. I'm not sure also why would they have an interest with an RO website but hopefully our fix will solve all the issues. Regards.

Glad to hear, hope you make the best out of it. Goodluck!


Offline Skeec

Hello everyone

I am Puddles of the aformentioned posts.
This topic is exaggerating much coin have can't damage your pc or harm it in any way. Your browser is executing javascript in it's own sandboxed environment what it does constantly while browsing so the browser vendors are concered you are safe while doing it. Cryptocurrencies ensure their safety by solving large puzzles where many pcs have to be part on to even make a legit transaction - lending them your computing power will give you a super small fraction of the outcome of the transaction kinda like taxes. So it is not even the intention to harm your pc the guy whoever that is putted the coinhive there was just after the money of those transaction taxes.

The guy I mentioned could even be the provider of your webhosting inserting javascript on the end of your pages to make up for his super low prices or something.

Offline CapeRO

Update from Forum News @ www.cape-ro.com/forum :


After almost half a day, our website is finally back & fixed with a New Design ( well not so new because this is a quick pre-made bought today )

Short explanation:
The previous website design had a little problem that's why we rushed to buy a new pre-made one that is more secured. This pre-made website is functioning well but we may not keep this design because it's too basic.

If anyone encounters any trouble, please let me know.


Update Here on RMS:

Any possible erros has been removed and we're keeping our eyes in it. We may change domain name for false warning caused by it but for now the Website is Cleaned,Freshed and well functioning!

Feel free to test our and tell me if you find anymore problems :) Thanks RMS Community!


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Offline ggwp

If you bought the previous control panel , you should ask the one that made it. Then look who have access to server to edit control panel. This is serious problem and the culprit need to be found to prevent the same thing happening.

The one that add that coinhive script to your control panel is profiting money from the user. The script running cryptomining task using user computing process. For toaster rig this is dangerous because most the time it will run their rig to 100% and will shorten your user hardware life. For player with better rig they "only" waste more $$ for electricity because their rig run more than the usual. For every $1 your user waste on electricity cost when running the script that culprit get around $0,1.

Offline CapeRO

It's all sorted and we're monitoring it every moment closely to prevent any errors from happening.

Happy New Year!

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