Shoutout to GM Kianzack and IAmGnome

Started by Fraterna, Jan 17, 2021, 07:07 AM

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disclaimer: this is a complete subjective PoV from me about some particular person, also ment to be a warning in the case you ever have to deal with him.

well then, here we go~

"Shoutout tho who exactly? Kianzack or IAmGnome?" some might or might not ask...
well, it's the same person.
Kianzack is his name on his re lowrateserver IrisRO (
IAmGnome is his name on his re Highrate Cashgrab server Ragnafied (

anyway, a shoutout to this guy for being one of the greediest laziest GMs i had the misfortune to deal with in a long time.

i mainly played irisRO (just checked into ragnafied once in a while lately to check in if they got absent maintenance as well), thus my PoV is mainly from an irisRO player.

for a while, we had steady maintenance, updates, episode-updates, seasonal events. all the shiny stuff that makes you wanna play a server. you know what i mean. after a while he started crowdfundings on the forums, for 17.1&2 updates (several k $), 4th jobs, etc.

besides others i also donated every once in a while (because keep da server alive:)

well, it took quite a while for me to figure zack's motivation to deal with server issues/updates/all da shiny stuff was directly driven by the ammount of donation he recieved. i thought "well, everyone has some downtime sometimes, give him a bit time and he comes all fresh n shiny" (spoiler alert: nope.).
well, i don't care, i don't have any expensive hobby besides RO, so why not donating 20-50 bucks every now n then? but, despite everything he said "ululu, no time because RL", he got greedy n lazy. Maintenances got delayed and delayed and delayed, bugs/inquiries that take maybe 5 minutes to fix took days, weeks or even months. bad sign. bad, bad, bad sign. but i had fun, so i didn't care. i just stopped donating around half a year ago, +/- a month. because there wasn't anything worth donating for.

a bit back, outa the blue he suddenly claims....:

everyone was like "so what sweety, just use our donations n pay up?"

record scratch- freeze frame

wait what? lemme do some math. checks paypal holy s***. do i really donate over 1k bucks to that guy? doublechecks time&money yeah. i did. it actually does add up quite nicely when you donate regularly a few dozen $. also explains why i never got banned for literally pissing into his face for being lazy/delaying once another maintenance / not fixing a simple, dumb bug for ages.
well, what does the server cost? as he claims 50$ month? highly doubt it for a server that size, but ok. more math. odd. i alone donated enough to keep the server alive form the day i started until end april this year. not 2020. this very year 2021.
and this were MY donations alone. easily doubled or even tripled by another 2-3 people i know donated almost as much as me.
where tf did dem monies go? i asked.


it starts making sense.
oh, i don't mind if some GM pockets half of the donation if
- he does NOT basically threatens to close the server if donations don't keep rolling.
- he does regular maintenance and not delay it out of pure laziness.
- he admits it from the start. heck, if it's worth and not just some generic rAthena server with minimum customization, take some monies. and some more.

even other players stepped in when it all came out.

this convo kept going and going and going, zack still not seeing the problem here. after a while, even this player gave up to hammer some common sense into this thick, education-resistant skull. his crowdfunding and old discord posts inclined that he buys this scripts, then he says he develops them... what now? one? both? shadier n shadier.

btw, didn't i mention that he got ANOTHER server? oh. i did.
well, i actually was too lazy to dig into some server's hosting and compare prices, donations whatever.

god bless less lazy than me people.
you think he actually answered even one of this questions? or did he dodge em?
well, take a hard guess....

he actually tried to double his earnings by starting the same forums-crowdfunding-thing in both servers. oh, without telling everyone about it of course. the crowndfunding on iris was mostly (but not completely) ignored, but it's still quite insolent to beg for several k $$$ for a script that sure doesn't cost that much or even anything- TWICE. "the lion, the witch and the audacity of this ...."

i really really wonder if the guys over on ragnafied know about his dishonesty....

here i come to an end~
this whole topic here has only 2 goals:
1.) remind everyone to keep an eye on a server owner's donation spending habit. most non-shady ones are quite transparent with that (like Stolao @ einherjar)
2.) warn everyone from this person in particular.

EDIT: well, server is down now: homepage and game :)

ps: don't give me crap for donating over 1k bucks to a single server in the course of almost 2 years. i know people that donate a lot more than that, play games that cash in way more monies from lootboxes/etc or use the same amount of money in 1-2 months for booze. i'm almost 40, i have a steady job, a home and can afford it.


IrisRO is that server that steals the whole wiki from NovaRO isn't it ? Thanks god he gets donation to "buy" new content. /heh
Too bad the wiki history is a thing :

Wiki is probably not the only thing that he finds for free to implement the content that he's asking donations for.


lol... yeah, right, completely forgot to mention that.

greatest game developer ever...