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Author Topic: Ragnaclan False Advertise: Dead Server  (Read 9666 times)

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Re: Ragnaclan False Advertise: Dead Server
« Reply #30 on: Jan 04, 2018, 09:24 pm »
i just chill kill bg sometimes and look cool as hell in this server.

some of you are left behind.....im at RO community 2k20 already. we chill and look cool here. pvp? i'll eat you alive. raw no sauce.


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Re: Ragnaclan False Advertise: Dead Server
« Reply #31 on: Jan 05, 2018, 02:17 am »
(removed) (apparently I also need enough words if I want to "remove" a post so ignore this)
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Living in the wilderness...

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Re: Ragnaclan False Advertise: Dead Server
« Reply #32 on: Jan 05, 2018, 04:05 am »
is this you when you found out its dead?

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Re: Ragnaclan False Advertise: Dead Server
« Reply #33 on: Jan 05, 2018, 01:41 pm »
It's actually really disheartening (as DontPingMe mentioned) to see the population drop this hard. It already looks like how AtlasRO was during its last 3 months (with more or less the same people). The reason for the drop is mainly the GMs response to certain incidents: more often than not, they don't follow their own rules and proceed straight to their clause: "Remember. Each and every report of this style will be considered by Ragnaclan Staff on a case-by-case basis. Ragnaclan reserve the right to determine the duration of punishment." Says on their site you get jailed and muted for 6 hours for your first offense (griefing), but my friend got a 24 hour ban instead (this was around the first month of Ragnaclan's release). AFK farming gets you jailed for the first offense, temporary ban for second, and permanent ban for third, but apparently, if a lot of people are already doing it, regardless of whether it was you AFK farming or not, you don't even get the first offense punishment anymore. Straight to third offense you go! And there's some weird GM hierarchy going on: Daifuku told me before to talk to Shourei about my in-game issues, to which his response was: "I don't have any power to do anything about it. You have to talk to Daifuku." ... well, okay. Ping. Pong. After this fiasco, I thought I was done dealing with GMs. You CAN play RO without interacting with them, after all. However, it came to my attention that Daifuku is not only ignoring my PMs (about BG crashing all the time), but she was ignoring 5 of my other guild mates as well. We all had different issues that time (missing HG, reporting bots, etc.) but none of us were getting replies. Weird considering Daifuku's been boasting about replying to the people who PM her within 10 hours. We just laughed about it in our guild discord, but seriously, stop lying to the public.

GM interaction seemed to be done for me at this point. I didn't expect much from them anymore, so I didn't PM them anymore. Works for both parties since they're too busy with RL anyway. But, nope. GMs here really love their rules... and wiping it on your face every chance they get. One day, I decided to finally learn farming in Gefenia, oh noob that I was. Was leaving behind a trail of 2% incubus/succubus when someone complained. I don't remember or care who that person was. What baffled me was the GM's response on #main, saying that leaving mobs without killing them can get you banned. Just for everyone's benefit, gonna say now that the GM's name is Bamboo. His message was just garnering attention from people. If someone reported something like that, isn't the proper response to investigate..? But nah, it's better to just threaten players on #main instead of actually checking things out.

I admit, the server had high potential in becoming the next big thing, but if it's people attitudes that we're dealing with (especially GMs), that's not going to be something easy to fix.

P.S. - let's not forget that one WoE when the client was changed the day before and the GMs were not able to provide autopots for the players. Told us we had to manual pot and good luck with WoE.


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Re: Ragnaclan False Advertise: Dead Server
« Reply #34 on: Jan 05, 2018, 07:43 pm »
i have high hope for ragnaclan, to at least be another Atlas, but it can only be as good/bad as Elaria only. far from be woon.
i cant figure out why another server have more population, more active bg and players than ragnaclan right now, but gm rarely done anything. server running on its own.
probably having active gm more troublesome than not having one.

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Re: Ragnaclan False Advertise: Dead Server
« Reply #35 on: Jan 05, 2018, 10:34 pm »
From what I see, Daifuku just logs on to talk about her life, get attention, and then just bounce.  How do you expect someone who barely played Ragnarok's actual content to host a decent server?

Now, my gripe is with Daifuku as she honestly irritates me. I mean seriously, half, if not all these haters are directed at you personally, not your server. Why don't you just change your attitude and calm people down. Being a server admin is essentially being a business owner. Your customers are your players. When your customer has an issue, you don't reply emotionally and unprofessionally, no matter how irritating they can be.

Nihad on the other hand actually knew how to deal with flamers and trolls.  Hire someone to deal with your player relations, because you're absolutely atrocious at it.

Ragnaclan itself is meh. For what is left of the mid rate players, it has potential still. Most people get the server aspect wrong, whereas you (Daifuku) got the publicity aspect wrong. What an easy fix lol.

Probably the most constructive reply I'll ever give.

(Personal attack and wrong generalization comment removed by staff.)
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Re: Ragnaclan False Advertise: Dead Server
« Reply #36 on: Jan 06, 2018, 01:58 pm »
after all of this,.. i really don't see a reason to rant over this.
i really don't see the owner of server has lied anything about the server..somethings are uncertain and will always will be..
i also feel is a subjective nature,.. like saying.. it taste salty for 1 and for other its just perfect and for some its less.
but that's fine .. doesn't mean you should rant over it.

well again its my opinion ..

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