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Re: NovaRO - Corrupted GM's w/ Proof
« Reply #45 on: Apr 18, 2019, 05:37 pm »
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Re: NovaRO - Corrupted GM's w/ Proof
« Reply #46 on: Apr 18, 2019, 06:27 pm »
lets wait n watch... if my friend gets scam he should get his item back, he will be having trade screenshots like nishii and if gm fails to do what he did with nishii
then proofs will be posted here

lol @ arias (tryin to win at rms? your posts got deleted)

Dude, stop this already.
this topic is quite embarassing ...

After reading everything, it feels like everyone goes against you...and there's reasons for that.

Just stop... /facepalm and move on... there are many other better life choises awaiting for you and your friends out there.
Like really good ones, which will make you happier.

Such a sad case here...

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Re: NovaRO - Corrupted GM's w/ Proof
« Reply #47 on: Apr 18, 2019, 06:32 pm »
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Re: NovaRO - Corrupted GM's w/ Proof
« Reply #48 on: Apr 18, 2019, 06:57 pm »
I took the liberty of checking out the "revision" of the rules section that you are claiming was modified. Looks like it was just a grammar correction.

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Re: NovaRO - Corrupted GM's w/ Proof
« Reply #49 on: Apr 18, 2019, 08:01 pm »
lets wait n watch... if my friend gets scam he should get his item back, he will be having trade screenshots like nishii and if gm fails to do what he did with nishii
then proofs will be posted here

but still no official answer here given, expect my 1st post

lol @ arias (tryin to win at rms? your posts got deleted)

So, purposely spending hours to have someone purposely scammed on purpose is supposed to prove your point?

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Re: NovaRO - Corrupted GM's w/ Proof
« Reply #50 on: Apr 18, 2019, 09:43 pm »
for KIKI, you cannot play victim when in fact you're the perpetrator of your own wrongdoing, for a fact you did scam nishii rite? It is stated in the rules that it is bannable to do that. I know that it might seems unfair that Maria Viletta only got muted for being toxic to you but that doesn't mean you can be toxic to other player as well. At least if you're sorry for the scam (which idk if you're) instead of ranting and try to get other people banned for your own "justice" it's better to just straight up tell sorry at least to nishii. You dont even need to say sorry to the GM if you feel offended with the whole Maria Viletta thingie.
If you just ranting because of the ban you just gonna see other people that is slightly toxic (but not bannable) deserve what you deserve. It doesnt work that way. So yeah instead of ranting and complaining about the server for your own wrongdoing and embarass yourself further (which you already did at this point), man up and say sorry to nishii or be chill and just move on to other server and forget this whole topic.

for GM, please learn from this experience (especially the whole Maria Viletta thingie and Nova saying "Nigga"). IMO, I dont really mind with the mute punishment but please at least make the person write proper apologize before you unmute them. People wouldn't care if you just mute them for 1-2 days or even a week without a proper apologize (hell, even they dont know if the person is punished or nah). Dont care if it's just an empty sorry or nah but at least it's reassure the person that they wouldnt get bothered anymore in the future (can just ban em if the guy did it again).
Nova (and other GM in extension) need to think THRICE before they press enter on their keyboard, I know you guys are just human and wanna have joke and fun shenanigans but always think what people will react on what you said. It is not for the sake of other but it's for your own sake given that anything that you said could be taken (out of context or not) againts you and would affect your own server in extension. Mistake were made sometimes and people will appreciate if you feel really sorry of what you said.

Idc much about those whole Arias thingie, the guy may be a trashtalker and selfish but his trashtalk usually means something and his selfishness is his own fruit from all those refine hardwork (or what we said as "luck") he had done for his equipment. We only know much about the guy anyway and doesnt know what process he have to go to get his equipment (farming for the item.. refining them.. etc).

tl;dr you can ignore these above wall of text if you are not kiki or novaro gm 

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Re: NovaRO - Corrupted GM's w/ Proof
« Reply #51 on: Apr 18, 2019, 10:14 pm »
Alright I feel like I have some time to waste so let's get on this completely.

Act 1. Teh bannering


Just saying the true facts about gm's in novaRO

today nova banned me for scamming, my friend hacked my acc. get all the gears i have and tricked " nishii's " gear using my char after that i was thinking pay off " nishii's " abusive, did he told you that NO nova/tokie/arias always wanted me to get banned with any how proof didnt event talk with me once before ban) whatever happened i wont mind but we all want to know whatever you did to " nishii " becoz he was good donator to your server, he makes you $ thats why you did this helped him? whatever you did was rule to only for good donators or also for normal players? is that true if someone scams you in novaRO gm will trace within 24hrs no matters what happen n give back items/zeny to the original person and perma ban the scammer? (including lending borrow item n zeny?) it doesnt matter if its 10m scam or 10b scam, as per your rule says item will be deleted you changed your novaRO wiki rules before ban on me you edited that page just couple of hrs ago

Kiki claims that his ban was set up by the GMs and his friend who "hacked" his account (or at least that's what he's trying to make us think, which he absurdly fails at), however I can assure you this isn't true. First of all, "hacking" is such a retarded term lmao didn't you give him your acc info - god what a good friend you have. That first part of the story already makes NO sense. Next up, you accuse the staff of favoritism towards donators which is... just as dumb as your first accusation. I'm sorry to burst your bubble but a popular server like Nova gets constant donations from many players weekly, and most of it is to keep the server running. Lastly, GMs are regular people just like you and me, and while they may dislike other people or trouble players like you, they must act fully neutral no matter which the case is. You should be grateful you didn't get banned before for being such a petty monkey because god you were such an annoyance.

Now, are you really believing what ONE person says about Arias and Tokei? Seems to me like you're easy to manipulate, how could you believe what a random says about other people? This is just rumour spreading and is unhealthy for the community, yet you chose to believe every single word of it. This gave you the mentality that Tokei had some sort of favoritism towards Arias, which I can assure you is not true, he might be annoying but he doesn't break the rules and he doesn't scam people like, I dunno, you. From this point your accusations just get worse and make less sense than the first one. Everyone who has average intelligence should realize by now that Arias and Tokei are very good friends and if you cannot tell the difference between friendship and professionalism then I really feel pity towards you because it looks like you won't be able to fit in an professional environment if you got a real life job.

Act. 2 nothing personnel, kid

From what I can gather, what motivated Kiki to make this thread is that not only Nishii got his scammed gear back (which by the way, should be the correct form of action since he was actually scammed) but that the rules got "edited" against him. It has been proven more than once that you can LITERALLY view the edit history in the Nova wiki, where the rules are at. You chose to ignore it and only look at the editing date, but you didn't put in enough effort to click 2-3 more times and verify that the edition was just a GRAMMAR CORRECTION. Right now every single one of your accusations lost 100% of their credibility, only making you look like you're just yelling randomly like a kid who got his toy stolen.

Ara and Nova have told you Kiki, many times, that broken gear is never returned as it is a choice and not part of a scam and it is also very hard to trace if it was an actual malicious action. The only way I can imagine of malicious refinement is that someone who got your account info logged on and started breaking all of your gear that is +9 or lower, and making all of your overupped gear go down to +10. That is the ONLY way I can think of where broken gear could ever be returned and even then it's not 100% guaranteed since it was YOUR CHOICE to give someone your account info, it's basically what they say "you asked for it".

Arias and Tokei step in and ultimately knock out any of your arguments as they have solid proof (which you lack of in every single one of your screenshots) that indeed the ban was not related to Arias or favoritism but of you being an annoyance and finally digging up your own grave.

Finally we have random people posting what I claimed before but now with screenshots as proof: You're toxic to the server and have no qualms about saying any sort of s***. The GMs were very passive on you or might have just not noticed when you were being petty. You reply with a victimized post about people harrassing you and you're even DOUBTING that Arias is a GM or has favoritism by the staff. This only shows that you're desperate as your little act is falling apart.

Act 3. kiki do u ban me

Afterwards, Kiki posts screenshots about a "Deleted User" harrassing on him, sadly this is on discord and from what I can recall, GMs don't have power over people harrassing others on discord unless it's on their server, however, you HAD the "block" option to silence that guy who was harrassing you, so, one more time, this was your fault. Then somehow the screenshots turn into an accusation that your friend got muted for 10hrs apparently because they messed with Arias. We see Tokei saying that both parts were completely wrong and both received their punishment. Now I love being right, and your english comprehension is so so bad you can't even understand.

If you notice, the question in the middle wasn't "skipped", it's just that the replying sentence answers BOTH questions, but you can't read so you didn't understand.

Finally you report "Maria Viletta" the player who harrassed you, but you expect harrassment to be as equal as scamming, you want them to receive the same punishment you got while the offense was obviously smaller. That harrassment, while I'm sorry for you because you really didn't deserve it, was completely in your control to ignore them. You could block them in discord and /ex them ingame. Obviously they would get a couple hours mute or something, but nothing too sever to be a ban. How low can you be to think that a moderate harrassment is the same as scamming someone. Also we never got to see who was your "friend" who hacked your account and started all of this mess.

Then you speak in behalf of Toshin but what do we find out? That Toshin PURPOSEDLY broke his gear thus making any kind of retrieval invalid as it was his own decision in the first place. Not only you can't speak english properly but your sense of justice is so f*** up you believe everyone should literally receive equal treatment no matter what their actions and wrongdoings are.

Act 4. well that cat's out of the bag

We find out that you scammed Nishii by selling his gear as soon as you got a hold of it, then you kept on giving "obstacles" like the "hacked account" excuse which proves that you were abusing the enchanting system of the Abusive Robe. Then you post screenshots of Nova explaining the situation and you still believe that you're so important that they had to go through all that effort to ban you.

Let me tell you something my dude: If they really wanted to ban you they would've done it with no justification at all long time ago.

Now you're trying to set up a bait for the staff if they actually go over another scam situation by having a "friend" be the bait? Are we talking about the same "friend" that "hacked" your account? This is so retarded and delusional.

I can't believe you're going through this much effort to prove a stupid point and I can't believe myself for posting this wall of text.

Now, check the goddamn wiki edit history, there is no limited edition rules, go see for yourself and stop being such an idiot.

Case closed, let's get drunk.

LAST EDIT: You accuse Nova of editing the rules just to ban you but didn't you just edit your post to make it look better? Hypocrisy? I dunno maybe you just lost your act already. Either way, you're laughable.

It clearly says that the post was edited at the same date this post was made, and this thread is like 2 days old.
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For the love of Ragnarok Online!

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Re: NovaRO - Corrupted GM's w/ Proof
« Reply #52 on: Apr 18, 2019, 10:35 pm »
Kiki can you please stop this is just being really toxic. When you chose to scam, you chose the ban. Simple as that.
Also, I know this isnt a suggestions forum for Nova, but, none of these things would've transpired if,
A. The honor tokens were tradeable
B. The horrendous refine system was fixed much earlier than the promised Q2 2019

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Re: NovaRO - Corrupted GM's w/ Proof
« Reply #53 on: Apr 19, 2019, 09:11 am »
that's rich coming from you Kiki

you insulted and harassed dozen of people, myself included, you even harassed Maria. did you get punished for that? did you ever stop and wondered why Maria harassed you in the first place? you want Maria to get punished, but what you did to him was just as bad. hello??

for all the s*** you say to people ingame everyday, you should have been banned yourself from the get go. you are not a saint in that story at all. it makes perfect sense Maria didn't get banned, you start the f*** fight with everyone.

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Re: NovaRO - Corrupted GM's w/ Proof
« Reply #54 on: Apr 19, 2019, 03:17 pm »
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Re: NovaRO - Corrupted GM's w/ Proof
« Reply #55 on: Apr 19, 2019, 03:25 pm »
The only person whos a victim is nishii who got scammed by a lowlife like you sir

It was alrdy proven that there was no change in rules, what's your point? Did you still not learn how to read? Clown.

You keep saying there's a change in rules and Show a screen of Nova saying to be careful about not lending items to idiots who might scam them (like you) and that there will be a change in how abusive/flatteries can be enchanted. Your Lack of knowledge of the English language makes you misunderstand his whole Statement
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Re: NovaRO - Corrupted GM's w/ Proof
« Reply #56 on: Apr 19, 2019, 05:43 pm »
How many times do you have to be told that there wasn't any rule revision made especially for you? You were provided with proof and you even acknowledged the fact that it was just a grammar correction. On that screenshot, Nova was just warning players not to lend their items to strangers to prevent the scamming tactic you started. Most people would understand that. Again, no rule revisions made especially for you. Understand?

It's funny when people actually have valid arguments that you start telling them things like "Are you gm?", "Who are you?", "Go to nova team". You may have started the thread, but anyone can give their opinion on this topic. Some people here actually make an effort to provide proofs and explain things to you, but you don't listen at all. You're just making things complicated when in fact they're very easy to understand.

Stop with the heroic act of wanting to stand up for others. You're not fighting for someone or something. You don't care about others. You only think about yourself - hoping that your ban would be reversed. You're also just having personal grudges against these players and try so hard to bring them down with you.

But you can't.

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Re: NovaRO - Corrupted GM's w/ Proof
« Reply #57 on: Apr 19, 2019, 06:12 pm »
Can a mod close this topic? It's getting boring, thanks!

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Re: NovaRO - Corrupted GM's w/ Proof
« Reply #58 on: Apr 19, 2019, 07:57 pm »
How can a single person be so delusional. You broke the rules and you got banned.
You've literally been pushing the envelope for a while now and you're so petty that instead of accepting the punishment for breaking the rules you're going to make dumb claims about corruption.
Please stop wasting people's time.

The "do not scam other players" bit was in the rules since way back when, and it was actually on March 17, 2019 that we updated the rule to clarify further:

But as I mentioned before, the rules have asked players not to scam others since way back before December 2017.

For you to claim we changed the rules for you is not only ridiculous, but laughable. You're not that special, kid.

It is no secret that [GM] Tokei and the player Arias are friends. That does not imply or mean corruption. I'm sorry you have such a jaded viewpoint, but Tokei plays on NovaRO regularly, and he happens to play with Arias quite a bit.
Arias has been playing NovaRO for many years now, and spends many hours farming for the equipment that he has. This forum post not only disrespects and attempts to undermine the work that the NovaRO team puts into the server, but the effort that players such as Arias put into the game to earn the gear they own.

We encourage our GMs to play the server on legitimate characters, as it gives them a much more informed view on current topics, and keeps them engaged and motivated to continue to improve the server, not just for other people, but for their own experience as well.

On the topic of the item being recovered, we actually recover a lot more items than the regular player would assume. The wording in the rules page is in place because not every case is as cut as dry as yours was, and we cannot guarantee an item's returned in every single circumstance. Thankfully for Nishii, you were extremely blatant in your breaking of the rules and obviously have no regret, with your strategy to contest the ban being asking for "proof". We often times recover items sold to NPCs and dropped on the floor as well, as we know accidents can happen and as long as somebody else isn't negatively affected, we see no problem fixing their mistakes.

Additionally, I do not keep track on whether a player is a donator or not when handling a support ticket. Handling support tickets is very time consuming, and taking an additional step to check if someone's giving us money would not only be extremely unfair to other players, it would be a massive waste of time. We value each and every player, regardless of their status as a donator, and offer equal support no matter who they may be or what our personal thoughts on the person may be. That is, every player that isn't attempting to grief others and break the rules.

In closing, you promise proof in your thread title, but all I see is a bunch of irrelevant screenshots that "prove" Tokei's and Arias' friendship, something anyone and everyone in NovaRO will happily attest to.

are you kidding me? he cant read that