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Author Topic: NyRO - A very bad user support experience  (Read 1060 times)

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Offline VazVoucher

NyRO - A very bad user support experience
« on: May 05, 2019, 02:50 am »
 /ok /ok
For a start, I had no problems playing in this server for almost 8 months.. Quite long playtime I must say considering I often get  bored and leave immediately if there's nothing amusing for me to do on a server. /ho /ho

Now I ain't PvP player but most often a PvE/PvM player doing nothing but quest and stuffs. Ofcourse as such I often move farming gears around my characters but then an issue happened. One of my item is missing, and not just an item but one of the top tier / costly one. And this happened hours just before a maintenance. OFC I would contact a GM support immediately. I posted in the server's forum shoutbox, and even sent a PM to the admin... But alas, the thing I got is... "Seen".. YEP! "Seen"
/omg /omg /... /... /...

I don't know if the admins are busy or not nor does I care nor do care that they are essentially the GODS of the server BUT you do know that you have obligation to do a User Support. I DON'T EVEN care if the reason my item is missing is my fault NOR CARE if it won't be return. ALL I WANT was a response and clarification.. SIMPLE AS THAT! I was waiting for two weeks for nothing! This is a nightmare in the making.

 /sob /sob /sob

Is this a rant to the server?? Not it isn't. But this is me venting out to the admins for doing nothing. I guess I need to donate a hefty cash to be noticed huh?? And I for one know many reasons why the the server has such low player count. But that is an entirely different topic.. /... /...



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Re: NyRO - A very bad user support experience
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2019, 05:14 am »
how long did you wait for a response?

Offline VazVoucher

Re: NyRO - A very bad user support experience
« Reply #2 on: May 05, 2019, 12:02 pm »
I reported my problem in April 20..... /... /... /... and up until now I have not received any single bit of response... Even just a little "OK We're checking on it. Please be patient" IS ENOUGH for me....  /sigh /sob
It's been 15 days and I don't even care anymore if I'll get a reply or not. Just venting off, really.....  /wah
I guess it may be time to find another place to mingle then  /ho /ho /ho