Midgard Tales trash server

Started by chmppssy1, May 10, 2023, 11:19 AM

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First of all, hi everyone my rating on these servers I played.

Stability Rating [4/10]
Community Rating [6/10]
Game Play Rating [3/10]
Economy Rating [1/10]

So, let's talk about my experience with custom private servers. Since the first time I played I lost server items, and the gm would give a s*** about it.

Does not even consistent in terms implementing damage to monster, past few weeks the mobs are so week, after a week the mobs become outrageous powered, I don't even know if this formula they are talking are from official, it does not seem right. So, I don't recommend playing this server. If you lost your items here and all ends say goodbye to it.

They don't even have a time to check their item logs to track the missing items, they will only be entertaining you if you give a bulk a donation on these servers. Which does not give make any sense. I played private server not to spend money but to play for fun only.

There even some rumors that this server was copied by a different server.
Spoiler: They may comment on these pages, but they own slaves and put a negative reaction on my feedback.


This is not a review; it's more like a childish rant. The person claimed to have lost their items, but then started throwing around a bunch of accusations and rumors. The last part made it even worse, as they generalized all future negative comments as being from "slaves" of the GM.

The rules in private servers are simple: if you don't like it, quit. You can find a new server or a new hobby instead.
solacero rip


in 2024 Economy Rating still 1/10

Quote from: Neffletics on May 10, 2023, 05:22 PMThis is not a review; it's more like a childish rant.