Re: Apparently Orn (Project Morroc administrator) was and is part of a RMT org

Started by ADM Ornstein, Nov 18, 2023, 11:38 PM

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ADM Ornstein

Busy day eh?

Let me get over each one at a time.

With an addendum that this was discussed with PRM players in the past.

What about the RMT situation?

I was GM for around 1 year or so in smRO, this is well known around quite a few people, both in PRM and other servers, and yes, I was dismissed under allegations of RMT.(This is also part of why I have a strong stance against RMT).

Lunar dismissed me before discussing with me, as he did find an user in a RMT website with the same name as me, which was an instant red flag (and a pretty dumb one, I'd at least make another name...I was the anti bot/cheat/scam/rmt/event gm there afterall...)

After some time discussing with Lunar, he showed me the logs, which had a matching address of my player account + my GM account giving people items. Regardless, I was dismissed under RMT accusations. (The specific value was 120 USD, which was under 5% what I had donated to the server over the years.)

The key information here is that the matching Address was from a login from OVER 2 YEARS EARLY, which allowed me to track the situation after some digging to a person who was closely related to me personally. (Which I'm no longer in good terms, but I understood the situation.)

Given this, I tracked lunar on 7th/June/21 (Around 7 months before I started work on PRM) to give him closure. Lunar didn't care much, but it was important for me. Regardless, we had a reasonable talk over it.

Image below is about the conversation regarding the matter with Lunar:

Take from that what you will.

Why did you go to Shining Moon's Discord Early October?

Shining Moon had a difficult situation regarding funds. This has been posted in their Forums, you can check yourself.

I got wind of the situation and contacted Staff there because I wanted to provide assistance.

Below are the relevant screenshots, which also can be checked with their staff directly.

Screenshot I sent to Nuit, the staff who answered me when I asked for someone from staff to reach me.

Message I received from Lunar shortly after.

What about the GTB in Helheim?

The GTB was spawned as a joke by then [GM]Queen Daenerys as a "test" for the command, Lunar's script is actually solid and instantly bans any GM account that spawns a card, her account was temporarily locked, Lunar scolded/warned her over it, and the situation was dismissed. It was not spawned by me. This can be verified by their own staff, you don't have to take my word for it.

What's your personal feeling about this?

This was a very difficult moment, as it split a lot of my old RO friends in two, some would believe me, some wouldn't, and I actually just took a long break from RO after it all. It also caused some rifts on personal life that took time to work out.

Regardless, I like Lunar, I 100% understood his reasons for doing what he did (I did say I would have done myself in his position, and specially now, as an Admin, I fully support his decision.) There was a security breach caused by me, it harmed the server, He was 100% right in banning me on the spot, regardless if it was actually me or not. Lunar is a good admin and my time in smRO both as a player and GM were amazing and it provided me plenty of opportunities. It was also the only time I ever took part in any staff.

Have you ever done any RMT?

I have, but not in private servers.

I sold FF14 accounts, 2 of them in fact. I never did RMT in RO because I never really got fancy items from it. (I was the guy who never used MVP cards even in smRO, for the fun of it). I did buy gold in iRO in the past when checking some content but that's about it.

I have always ignored RMT in the past, but since the incident from smRO, I took a firm stance against it, because it did harm me on a personal level.

What about the map maker situation?

Ayami took a job to make some maps for PRM, he had a deadline of 15 days, it was pushed to 60 days on his request and he still didn't deliver.

We discussed about it, and I specifically mentioned "I recommend Ayami work for other people, but I didnt have a good personal experience with it". Me and Ayami are on friendly terms regardless. He was not shamed and was not burnt at the stake.

Screenshot below of my last talk with Ayami, in Portuguese. We are in friendly terms and Ayami himself said so in another topic about PRM here.

What's your stance on RMT on PRM?

Ban on sight, RMT is not allowed, I don't do RMT myself and PRM itself is a terrible server to do any RMT in.

Items don't break on refine fail, cards drop at 1%, MVP cards at 3%, entire game is solo-friendly, you can summon 99% of MVPs with farmable items instead of camping, Cosmetic only cash shop...not to mention the usual Hall of Shame.

RMT bans have slowed down a bit because I simply didn't find any other big stuff regarding RMT. But I'm always watching.

How will you handle this situation?

I'll be opening a discord forum on PRM for any player who wants to ask about any of this situation. They can directly talk to me there.

If anyone here is also curious and want any information you're free to DM me here or in discord.

What about OP?

OP is banned from discord for being a **** and causing multiple issues (It wasn't even me who banned him/her), his ingame account is intact and won't be banned, as he didn't break any ingame rules.


Working again on cool stuff for people tired of the old stuff.

Luna Obscura:

This time invite only. :P


Ornstein is very anti-RMT!

His primary job on the Shining Moon server he moderated for was to monitor for RMT and stop it. His username on the Shining Moon Discord was ExSoldierAkechi. And in-game, his GM name was Leonidas!

Around February 7th 2019, someone named "exsoldierzx" registered to an unscrupulous website for RMTing.

Just a coincidence, right? I mean, why would he do this? Register to an RMT site with the *same name*?

On May 15th, 2020, that user tried making a *new account* called "Easywinragnarok" and was told to just use "exsoldierzx" as they do not allow multiple accounts for any reason.

Sounds like that user wanted to hide something?

Later that day, exsoldierzx made an ad selling "billions of Zeny, and items" across both servers of Shining Moon (the jRO/iRO-fusion "Niflheim" and the more traditional kRO-styled one "Helheim"):

This is just a coincidence right?

Nope. That *week* Lunar (the server owner of Shining Moon) immediately fired him as every possible log, you guessed it, proved that he was the one doing it, despite his hilarious denial of it.

Akechi/Ornstein was not only RMTing, but using his GM powers to **generate Zeny and items to sell**. Some of which included generating the Golden Thief Bug Card on Helheim, a server that did not have it per kRO at the time of Helheim's creation. It was in the data due to having the same database as Niflheim, however. Here's a brief mention of it from August of this year on the Shining Moon Discord:

Akechi/Ornstein also managed a BR-only Discord server for Shining Moon in which highly toxic trolls would periodically seep out into the main Discord or in-game as well.

Currently, the aforementioned RMT site has a thread that's been very active in *April 2023* (so, two months before the actual launch of Return to Morroc, when it was still in beta) for RMTing.

Ornstein used to claim (as it is never updated anymore) that he'd be "very punishing" on RMT in his server's Discord channel the #hall-of-shame, where ne'er-do-wells get mentioned and shamed for their rulebreaking. The issue is that many times RMT would be quickly mentioned in someone's entry with little proof shown, or the entry would be so hastily put there he has to publicly apologize for banning someone for RMT "by mistake" (proof:

Considering his history, it's hard to believe he isn't just generating Zeny or items to sell again.


There was also the time he publicly named and shamed his map maker (as he did not make any custom maps for Return to Morroc) for "not delivering on a deadline", with this being the "nicest way" he put it ("she caused harm to our server"): (

Oh, don't worry---that was in September! The deadline got a lot more flexible once he had to make the maps. He needed the maps by September when the map maker was doing them, and they were implemented in... early November.

Ornstein also takes ban evasion very seriously. When he would bother to update his #hall-of-shame channel for Return to Morroc with entries, "ban evasion" was a common one.

Surely he's learned his lesson by now, right? Ornstein is an upstanding fella, no RMTing or any wrongdoing?

October 2023, last month, he popped into the Shining Moon Discord he was banned from on his now deleted ExSolderAkechi account, to "ask for someone from the staff".

Ornstein ban evaded. The thing he gets mad at people doing in his server, he did.

And surely he takes RMTing seriously NOW right? I mean, he's turned a new leaf in that field? He bans people for it in his server after all, even if he has banned the wrong person for it here and there.

An ad on the aforementioned RMT site active in April 2023... two months before Return to Morroc officially launched:

To make matters worse, the person has done *at least* four sales as they've gotten feedback four times from the thread:

If this isn't Ornstein himself, it's very curious, because there's a very active RMTing community on an obvious (to people looking for this stuff and *especially* to dear Akechi/Ornstein ;)) site that's selling Zeny in his server at a rate faster than he ever banned people for it, as after August hit the #hall-of-shame became a lot less frequently updated.


Quote from: StrawberryBagels on Nov 19, 2023, 01:09 AMI love how this is your defense for someone in Akechi's Discord telling someone to kill themselves and not getting admonished for it, lmfao.

As s*** as it is: it's a reference to

Anyway, time to sleep. I have seen this situation before. Nothing we can do to help you.


Quote from: Zulf on Nov 19, 2023, 01:17 AMAs s*** as it is: it's a reference to

Anyway, time to sleep. I have seen this situation before. Nothing we can do to help you.

Nah, that's not a valid excuse. He told someone to kill themselves. Sinistar always does nonsense like this and never gets admonished.

Akechi/Ornstein lets founders get away with anything. Except extreme racism, and I mean REALLY extreme! One of the earlier #hall-of-shame entries had him saying he "regretted" to ban a founder for extreme racism but felt "there was no choice"... he regretted to ban someone for breaking the rules they chose to break.

Then again, after seeing ExSoldierAkechi's Reddit posts, it's not hard to see why: racism isn't an issue to him. Neither is sexism.


Didn't read OP's screenshot and didn't read most of the posts. I'm aware of Ornstein's reputation and personality but I'm not going deep on it because I just don't care as it's a server I'll never be playing and likely a person I'll never be interacting.

Something I read in the reddit thread though that might be important linking here for major context:

Do read this thread and the overall reddit profile of u/exsoldierakechi . Ps: It's in brazillian (?) or portuguese (?) or whatever, so use translator.

You see how downvoted he is and the kind of takes, hate speech and hate bait he does/used to do, and how he likes to brag about bland stuff, dismiss others or take pride of being an "as*hole of a boss". Basically the perfect recipe for a Narcissist.

Do take notes that it's not any exaggeration of my part of anything, as literally in every one of his reddit threads or his regular messages in other threads are always very downvoted hot takes where people bash him hard over it.

He also happen to have an AMA of his GM Leonidas' days on Shining Moon server in the r/RagnarokOnline sub on this account.
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Find me here:


This is the guy that was concerned about another server having bugged custom content because it makes his server look bad?

No horse in the race for this server, will just say the 'kill urself' stuff is very 2008. Telling someone to touch grass is not only acceptable but funnier anyway. RO pservers can pull in some serious money - Most with a decent population will pass the threshold of being a hobby and you'd have to register what you're doing as a business in my country. I can't imagine treating such a project its a Friday night outing with the boys.
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Quote from: Orange on Nov 20, 2023, 03:14 AMThis is the guy that was concerned about another server having bugged custom content because it makes his server look bad?


Meanwhile he has had a whole slew of bugs in his server since beta, and constantly refuses to actually patch the game and adds adjustments or fixes for bugs in "hot fixes" that don't apply on reboots or crashes. Best part? He throws a tantrum whenever he's messaged or tagged.

He's also fiercely against any sort of accountability. He prohibits the wiki editors from listing skill damage percentages or cooldowns because "it might change". The reality is that it provides a good way to see if he needs to fix something when it breaks.

Always whining about how servers "need more custom content" and how servers "need to be more in solidarity" as half of his Discord existence is utterly crapping all over every other server. To quote him from when the game launched and you weren't allowed to mention most other servers by name (Asgard Legends was okay because he claimed to support the project and have a "rivalry" with the creators, although given how much he lies about his relationship with Lunar from Shining Moon, who knows), "you can talk about NovaRO, it's just garbage run by idiots."

While RTM is an impressive project due to scopeā€”it isn't the first customized server, and his work is still just that of a ROM hack where numbers or skills or sprites get rearranged but it's still the same game. The RO engine is not greatly altered and the few changes he's done to it were horribly maligned like his "ASPD Limit" concept. Although if you listened to him you'd believe that he invented Ragnarok itself.

He recently threw a tantrum when someone asked him to add a DX9 client. Something that kRO did this year and MuhRO (one of Orn's top punching bags) added too.

Orn said it "can't be done, won't happen". After being told the above about kRO and MuhRO, he whined, "go play MuhRO then". So mature.


Cleaned up the topic a bit.  Bringing back admornstein's response to the situation by merging the post he made yesterday in the original topic into this topic.  This is only fair for everyone to get to read both sides of the story.

Regardless of the timestamp on posts, the first post is the response to the second post.

This is what we get when someone with no credibility, with half a dozen banned RMS forum accounts, bypass the forum rules once again to post his revenge on yet another server.

Then someone want to continue the story and repost the same thing.  Since we got a response from the person on the other side of the story, that shows the story isn't completely made-up so we let the topic stays.  As always, we let the reader decide and make their own judgement after reading both sides of the story.

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