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Author Topic: Eldritch RO - what one should expect  (Read 4169 times)

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Eldritch RO - what one should expect
« on: May 24, 2022, 11:29 am »
Hello everyone, /wah
some may or may not care about what is going to follow on this topic. Some people may or may not have followed the recent events that were happening on EldritchRO.

I just want to make this topic before the Admin of said server decides to list his server again. (not sure if it got unlisted or if he did unlist it) /hmm

Eldritch RO is administrated by a guy named "Randgris", a man living in Brazil.
He hosts an international server - Episode 13.2 low-rates /no1

On 21st of May (more than 3 weeks after the launch) a rule has been invented that disallows Account Sharing because it would give an unfair advantage to people that are busy (https://imgur.com/a/n8jrACK)
A group of 4 people (actually 6 but they decided to quit the server for other reasons earlier), in which one of them is me, decided to talk to the admin about the said issue

Randgris then replied to me a day after with the following:

The next thing that happened was, that the Admin had Timeouted me on the Discord for 7 Days. No warning, no reasoning, just timed me out although I did not even send anything on the Discord after or during that chat. I then asked him, why he would timeout me and the following happened.

So after this chat i realized I was not just timeouted from the discord, I also got Banned from it, my IP Adress got banned (no access ingame or even the website), all our accounts got banned and even my friends who haven't talked a word to Randgris about all this got the same ban-treatment.  /an /an /an

Yea, I agree that I may be causing a lot of drama here and should just leave quietly, knowing this guy is a douchebag.
But you know.. this guy weeks ago talked to me like this already (I reported a bug in the #bug-report channel, https://imgur.com/a/LezUwCw <-- this is what he is refering to as "harsh")

I also realized that he had been answering people's reviews on RMS with this:
https://imgur.com/a/W4NRLMi  /? /? /? /?
"The only "laggy" thing was your mother's brain when she decided to have you"  - "this player cursed and disrespected people on the chat today and got BANNED! " This reminds me a lot of a very special kind of person we've seen being topic on this platform a couple times. Everything you say is wrong because a player got banned! /? /? /? /?

Also, this Reply is the 2nd version. The first version of his reply, was very insulting and he even revealed this players IP Adress online and private information.

Yea I guess I could've just left but then I heard he was thinking of adding a cash-shop in the next days. This reminded me of his words tho "It's a personal project, I get no money out of it".

So yea, I went to sleep and today I realized he had accepted my friend request on Discord and I started a little chat with him.


This is my whole conversation with him and as you can see, he banned me preemptively, because he was afraid I would do some s*** talking on his discord and make some "trash review on RMS"

So far so good, he was afraid of me doing him and his server wrong because I said I would leave for the reason we did not want to play on a server with that ruleset. /wah

Then ingame, people have been talking about this whole matter, and when he got asked, why he banned us, he answered with "account sharing"
https://imgur.com/a/RCXUQ6y  /heh /heh /heh /heh /heh

So yea, here it is. Another Admin who just does what ever he wants. Lies about it and hides things by editing or removing messages continiously. /pif /no1

Soooo, since this is a server discussion, I'd like to mention a few things that actually got me playing there and some that I did not like about the SERVER specifically.

Good things about the server:  /o /o /o
Episode 13.2, i like that Episode a lot. Theres just a few headgears that are normally cashshop headgears, like for example snake hat and others, which is cool because you can obtain them without paying IRL money and at the same time there is not too many of those and especially none that are broken or extraordinarily good like I love China Hat, or Ship Captains hat etc.
The rates are very nice too, the combination of 10x Cards but 5x Equips and 2x Consumables & etc is very pleasing too, because there isnt as much money in the community and people rather do trades with cards and equips instead of selling everything for Zeny for the biggest ****.
Another thing i liked was, that you had a warper where you had to unlock dungeons and towns before you could warp to them

Bad things about the server:  /x /x /x
No Gepard or any sort of Anti cheat. (simply get No-delay through GRFs)
Untweaked hercules Emulator where you could do Reflect Shield INSIDE safety wall and kill MVPs like Randgris withing like 60 seconds as pre-trans characters and no BG set needed.
Warp Portals were allowed on ALL MAPS including dungeons on the first day, and people secured themselves /memo's in a couple High-end dungeons
Mi-Gao Splitting was still possible too, including EXP and Loot
All these things (easily fixable) due to the fact, that the admin is unexperienced in RO Gameplay and does not even know about these things.

I'm relatively sure that the Admin delisted himself, because the delisting happened right after he banned me. In addition, yC mentioned on Discord that she had not delisted the server, so I assume nobody else from the staff did so (also tonight the server had been listed again for a short timeperiod and then delisted again /? /?)

Once again I want to apologize for the Drama, but I think, especially now that there is a limited amount of servers available to play, people should know about this server and why to avoid it. I know I'm not an angel, and I am known for not being an angel too, but this admin took it a step too far in the way he treats people. You can tell from the chat, until he timeouted and banned me / us, i was being very friendly. The whole s*** escalated right after I told him that we would be moving on. I still respect his decision to keep account sharing forbidden, but banning us after we say we would leave and preemptively trying to shut us down to prevent any wrongdoing from our side is absolutely not cool.

I do not know if people still use imgur for uploading the images or how to do the attachements the best on RMS. I did it all with snipping tools, too lazy to save them all before. My apologies for all the typos and horrible grammar. I will add some eyecandy emotes here and there to make it less obvious.  /wah /sob


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Re: Eldritch RO - what one should expect
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2022, 11:46 am »
Little more information and context. Independent player who joined the server alone and was not part of our group


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Re: Eldritch RO - what one should expect
« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2022, 11:47 am »
What a maniac. You've got banned because you are toxic and we don't want you in our server. Just grow up and move on.

I was expecting some backlash from you, but I didn't think you were going to crave for attention like this. This sounds desperate. I'm not even gonna take the time to read all. It just shows the kind of person you are. I'm glad to see people like you gone and banned from the server. By writing this post the only thing you're achieving is shaming yourself.

I'm always open and transparent with the community and this just confirms that I've taken the right decision in banning you. I'm not going to share the stupid things you said to me. I'll spare you that. It is obvious you're only feeling like this because you were banned and you wanted to still be playing in our server. But unfortunately you're not worthy. Also glad to see Prontera Princess gone. What a liar, huh?

And that's it. People are free to believe what they want. My aim is to run a server that is a safe place for friendly and cool people, and you are certainly not welcome in our community. This post confirms it.

I've already said this and I'll say it again: We are not afraid of purging bad elements like you and your sh*tposting was already expected. I've already received positive feedback from key players that didn't like you either, also said they knew you to be toxic from other servers, so we are glad about the decision we've made in banning you.

I'm just so sorry for you, dude! Find a server that accepts your toxicity. Also get therapy, honestly. But don't let me or our server live rent-free in your mind. Or do, it's up to you. But I'm moving on. Not wasting a single more second with you.
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Re: Eldritch RO - what one should expect
« Reply #3 on: May 24, 2022, 03:30 pm »
Hey, Aisu/Princess here.  /swt

Didn't want to reply on this matter at first, because I thought it's over. But it's really funny that Randgris changed his reply 3 times today, just for it to feel less desperate and more blameful towards us that left. Funny and also insulting.

All I want to say is that I didn't feel safe and comfortable on his server knowing he doxxed someone for leaving a bad review, banned a lot of people without talking to them nor his CM staff about it, heavily insulted someone that was banned for a single curse word, threatened people on Discord with dox if they leave the server/bad review, insulted and pointed fingers at everyone.

He showed complete distrust in everyone, even tho he's supposed to be a community leader. Can't take criticism, bans on sight. And then proceeds to completely delete everything so noone knows, even his own staff. In many instances he had shown symptoms of really compulsive mood swings/rage swings.

I was having a blast on that server, due to the community there. But the truth must be told and I don't want to be a part of it anymore, due to my own safety and concerns.

Thank you all for reading and please, take care.

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Re: Eldritch RO - what one should expect
« Reply #4 on: May 24, 2022, 05:09 pm »
Had I known you were a liar Princess, I would have banned you on day one.  /no1

I was already waiting for your take. You are a no one to me and I couldn't care less about what you think.

Glad to see you gone as well.

By the way, I won't be engaging in this juvenile banter. So not checking this anymore.

Move on and get a life the two of you already.

Be safe.

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Re: Eldritch RO - what one should expect
« Reply #5 on: May 24, 2022, 09:36 pm »
Not exactly the greatest way for a server owner to conduct themselves in this thread, methinks.

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Re: Eldritch RO - what one should expect
« Reply #6 on: May 25, 2022, 11:26 am »
For someone who said he wasn't going to waste and more seconds "for me", you have been editing your post quiet a few times. There's like 5 different versions now. This reminds me again of the doxing and insulting you did on those Reviews.

You trying to make a joke of me / us, that you are "living rent-free in my mind", is hilarious when you made sure to edit those posts multiple times over the course of many hours.


The behaviour this man shows here is the same behaviour he is showing on his Discord, if you say something that he does not like.

By best wishes for the future of your server and for your community, I'm sure it will last very long!
https://i.imgur.com/kehYigq.gif  /kis /kis2

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Re: Eldritch RO - what one should expect
« Reply #7 on: May 25, 2022, 01:59 pm »
Hey folks,

im a player on eldrithro aswell, and i have done some research the past two days on what happened here.

First however, i would like to point out that i have past experiences with OP aka Pumpernickel on other servers, all of which made me cautious about him. Further chats with different players about their experience with him throughout the past days have solidified my impression that he seems like a toxic, manipulative and abusive person.

For the "bad sides" of the server he lists, me and my folks have done some testing and gathered evidence in the past 2 days and can confirm that the reflect damage in safety wall behaviour is actually in game and that there are/were peoples with warp to AL3 and other MVP maps. Also since the beginning it has been known that there is no real protection against grf edits yet.

While i can confirm these issues, i can also confirm that OP and his crew abused all those issues when instead they should have reported them as such.
To say now the admin is at fault for his inexperience instead of blaming OP for his abuses is a strategy called Gaslightingvictim blaming, where a victim gets blamed for the abuses of the perpetrator. Tbh this behaviour fits very well into my impression of Pumpernickel.

Furthermore it came to my knowledge that OP is actually only out for revenge for him getting banned and trying kill the server. I have proof to back this claim, however i will not be sharing it publicly due to privacy reasons. Im open to have my claim get verified by RMS-officials tho if they are willing to do that.

I for my part will continue to play on EldrithRO as are many others i talked to in the last 2 days.

Im actually sad that you are leaving, since you were a nice member of the community. I dont know how you got involved into this s*** but i suspect Pumpernickel reached out to you like he reached out to many other players on the server trying to convince them to quit. I wish you well on your journey.

Ive decided not to add all my evidence, because this would be me pointing fingers at other peoples. I dont want any more drama in this servers community and also im concerned about the harassment peoples could get from a person like pumpernickel. you can call it source protection if you want.

thanks for the read

tldr: OP seems like a toxic, manipulative, abusive dude, he was hardcore abusing and cheating and got banned before that came to light. In this post hes using a tactic called gaslighting victim blaming to try to kill the server and i have proof for that.

Edit: affer some research i replaced gaslighting with victim blaming, thanks for the pointer and sorry for not doing my research on that before posting. I probably wont involve myself here anymore. For me, pumpernickels reaction in lashing out even more, is proofing my point anyway. Also please note that i deliberately do not talk about all the other stuff that was posted. I only found it important to point out that pumpernickels motives for posting this are malicious.
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Re: Eldritch RO - what one should expect
« Reply #8 on: May 25, 2022, 05:04 pm »
To say now the admin is at fault for his inexperience instead of blaming OP for his abuses is a strategy called Gaslighting, where a victim gets blamed for the abuses of the perpetrator. Tbh this behaviour fits very well into my impression of Pumpernickel.
Man why do so many people throw out this term to describe arguments? Gaslighting is when you manipulate someone into questioning their perception of reality by convincing them they're imagining things/are crazy.  Feels like the buzzword to use for max points in a callout.
Current Server(s):
None ;-;

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Re: Eldritch RO - what one should expect
« Reply #9 on: May 25, 2022, 06:11 pm »
The stuff you are mentioning here is kinda savage, just because you hold a grudge against me for something I cant even remember why for, but thats cool mate. You are obviously biased because you dont like me, but all the screenshots i presented are absolutely legit and transparent, i did not edit or leave anything out, so saying im gaslighting people "where a victim gets blamed for the abuses of the perpetratior".

Did I report the reflect stuff, hell no I don't? It's not an exploit or bug, its a normal mechanic that admins should remove IMO, I'm not the admin, nobody asked me, also those aren't even the points why I made that post in the first place. The owner of EldritchRO is just a tyrant that tries to censor people and is afraid of people stating criticism. Prontera Princess' ban OR leaving the server generally had literally nothing to do with me.
https://imgur.com/a/BRLsgnH  <--- here are the posts again, I edited the 'sensitive' names out so there wont be any need for deletion anymore. ( https://imgur.com/a/BRLsgnH )

As I said I'm not an angel, and as I said in a chat with your friend Xyklon (our fellow Gunslinger main on Eldritch RO, who asked me about if No-Delay would work on Fullbuster for Gunslingers too), a server without Gepard Shield is just a place where you spend some time casually playing. This server literally has only casual players for the fact that the server is a joke. Enjoy it while it lasts, the self destruct button on the server has already been pressed when it opened without Gepard Shield and an Admin with that personality.

Also I heard, that you guys have every warp to any dungeon on the Warpra unlocked, with and without quest, how did that happen?  /hmm

I'm not even here to argue with you or with anyone else, I made this Forum post only for the reason to reveal the wrong doings of that admin, which I did fully transparent and people can draw their own picture with the presented material. I have screenshots of people telling me that they are basically just on that server because of Gravity being a b**** out there and leaving them no other options and afraid of saying something because they dont want to be banned since theres no other options

Please provide what ever evidence you have. Just remove the names and show everyone. I'm all in for it. It is always easy to say "I got this I got that, but im not revealing it for XX reasons".
It is not a secret that I've been talking to about 3 guys that I talked and played with on Eldritch about the recent events and showed them the evidence. I did not tell them "go leave the server", but yeah, as my opening already sad, I do not recommend the server what so ever. I know i talked to your friend Xynklon openly about some things and he also made a statement about the whole situation

In fact, isnt this a screenshot of your friend mentioning he would create his own server because he is "tired of gm's like that"

At first I did not intend to write any reviews or forum posts and just wanted to leave quietly, even after he banned us. I'm not "only out for revenge", but after he lied ingame, saying he banned us for "account sharing" which is clearly a lie as you can see in all the evidence I provided in the opening post, NOW I want to make sure that people will know who he is and result in him having a dead server. He calls PronteraPrincess a liar (no clue what he tries to refer to), but himself he lies about the ban reasons to his players and removes everything from Discord that he does not like. If Eldritch RO will ever be listed again on RMS, you will see the quantity of bad reviews it will get, so I guess Randgris did the right thing in the end removing it from here, but he never wouldve had to if he didn't ban us out of fear.

So yea, this is literally all from my side now I guess. You can say what ever you want about be, my flaws and things I might have done in the past, or how many people do not like me for various reasons. That's all good, I know who I am.

I'll say it again. In the first place this forum post is just showing my experience and other people's experience with that admin and the server. You are not able to discredit any of it by talking bad about my personality or me "gaslighting" people.
The screenshots are there, everything is transparently pictured in chronological order. Those are facts.

Cheers Silnoir, I really still do not remember you 100%, but you sure as hell seem upset about the past. I'm sorry if I did you wrong my boy

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Re: Eldritch RO - what one should expect
« Reply #10 on: May 25, 2022, 08:13 pm »
I'll butt in support of notlikethat.
I was one of the people who were casually strolling this site when I butted in EldrichRO's review section. I just saw the owner causally doxxing the person who left the mid/orange review by revealing both the IP and the email.
Maybe I could've screenshotted that, but honestly, I didn't think much about it outside of... "Yeah... I don't want to get close to this server anymore". I genuinely hope you guys didn't sign him to his server with a genuine email.

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Re: Eldritch RO - what one should expect
« Reply #11 on: May 25, 2022, 09:01 pm »
Just stepping down here a last time to respond to the last comment made by "JollyOhGolly', a.k.a. Kikuri or Colette.

This is a person I regret having trusted. I had entrusted her as the Community Manager, but lately she had been trying to convince people that I'm a tyrant, that I censor people, and so on. Anyways, I had been warned about Colette being abusive and manipulative.

I'm thankful to Pumpernickel for posting this conversation: https://imgur.com/a/1TC5tSx
This is Kikuri/Colette/JollyOhGolly talking to Pumpernickel today about how she had been talking to everyone, so "players would know the truth" and so on. When I posted this conversation to her, she left the server immediately. A traitor and a liar.

Anyways, my advice is for others to be careful with this person as well, do not trust Kikuri as she is very manipulative and abusive. She enjoys RPing and as she says, "has no ego at all", so it's very easy for her to lie and pretend to be one person but she'll stab in you the back when she has the opportunity. Other players had already left the server because she tried to manipulate them. I regret having trusted her.

PS.: Kikuri, if you want to sound like another person, you should change your wording. It's really easy to find out when it's you typing. Also, "butt in"? I was expecting more from you.

People are free to speak anything they want about me. Also, people are free to believe in whatever they read. Some people really have nothing better to do than sh*tposting on forums and they just like to watch the circus catching fire. They don't even take the time to find out what is true and what is not. Trolls will always be around the Internet. RO unfortunately has a lot of toxic players in the community that would rather spend their time spreading their hate instead of playing the game.

My server is not for players like you. I would never want to be friends with people like you. I'm nice to all those who are nice, and I really don't care what you guys think of me. Honestly. I'm not forcing anyone to play on the server.

This is not the first time people have come at me. I only care about those friendly, cool players that are having a good time and are respectful within the community.

I'm thankful that you guys have showed your true selves, and with that, I bid adieu!  /no1
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Re: Eldritch RO - what one should expect
« Reply #12 on: May 26, 2022, 05:14 am »
My person, if I may,
If a person:
-Doesn't share the same name
-Says to have never joined the server
-Speaks in a drastically different way
-Isn't a she/her but a they/them (albeit, rip NB options)

It might just so happen that I'm not whoever you claim me to be. I didn't even know what Ragnarok Online was, until I joined O***RO.
Idk what to say, my good person. You seem really to be scared by the RP thing - not sure what the RP community did to you - but whatever that is, pretending to be another person on the forums for... 3 weeks(?) isn't RP.

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Re: Eldritch RO - what one should expect
« Reply #13 on: May 27, 2022, 11:53 am »
I have seen how this administrator behaves, he makes a mistake then he rigthfully faces consequences of his bad desicions and he plays the victim card to appeal to emotion.

He has a very bad history of making dumb and rushed desicions and when people call him out on it he plays victim or denies everything, this dude also deletes everything he doesn't like on his discord, I remember asking about what parts of renewal were added to the server and when I saw the hats that were added which completely destroy classic balance and when seeing what was the direction I said the server wasn't for me and gave a very respecful opinion on it and even told him that it was fine that he didn't needed to change anything about the server because I disagreed with the direction etc and that was it. A few minutes later he deleted all of our conversation and a few days later he just banned me from his discord without me doing anyhing lmao.

He also went to RMS discord to play victim about some dude that was DDOSING him or something, which for the record I believe is wrong and I said so multiple times to him, but many questioned to him the reason why this was happening and it was because he out of the blue decided to do a server wipe in the beta and he denied it but the person attacking him did it exactly because he wasn't expecing a wipe, I catched the administrator himself in his own discord admiting that he was not going to wipe, I posted a screenshot of his own words on discord and guess what he did? he played victim and denied everything just like Amber Turd lmao.

Here is the pic of him saying there is not going to be any wipes:

This is the same dude showing his true colors:

I wouldn't recommend anyone playing on this server because this administrator seems really unprofesional and prone to taking terrible desicions and then playing victim when facing the consequences of said desicions and ultimately having complete mental break downs and telling others to end themselves.

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Re: Eldritch RO - what one should expect
« Reply #14 on: May 27, 2022, 12:09 pm »

You trying to make a joke of me / us, that you are "living rent-free in my mind", is hilarious when you made sure to edit those posts multiple times over the course of many hours.


The behaviour this man shows here is the same behaviour he is showing on his Discord, if you say something that he does not like.

LMAO this post edits... at least this tells us that he knows that what he does is wrong and changes it to appear more profesional, like I said, bad administrator, full of emotion and out of control.